Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Update

Alright, so for the past 5-6 months I have been doing the "monthly update" at the beginning of the month. I stole the format from my sister Lisa. She has gone and started her own format. Instead of being completely un-creative...and stealing her idea (again)......

I'm going to switch up the categories! Well, some of them. So here we go.....

Current Book:
-The HURST NCLEX Review Book, ATI NCLEX review books, basically anything that is going to prepare my frightened & scared self for the state boards test...... (which I will be taking probably next week!)
-"Sh*t My Dad Says". I will be doing a little book review on this on a later date!

Current Food items: (because I have some odd eating habits...this deserve a category)
-Whole wheat english-muffin with Smart-Balance butter, Splenda, & cinnamon sprinkled on. It's my pre-run fuel!
-Watermelon (it's been on sale like crazy. I feel like I've been eating so much of this that it will start growing out of my ears)
-smoked oyesters

Current Frustration:
-Being flexible. I've been stretched and pushed around for 20 months in my nursing program, and finally graduated on August 20. Now, I'm continuing to "be flexible" on patiently impatiently awaiting authorization to take my test so I can start working.
-The shitty job market.
-The fact that I will probably be working nights.

Current Excitement
-Many excitements in life right now! But probably on the top of my list right now is the fact that yesterday we signed the contract to build our house, but the lot is on contingency. So we will know by 5:00 pm tonight if we got it!!

Favorite Date Night of the Month
-There is an area in Tucson called "Fourth Ave". To be honest, it is quite heavily populated with hippies and street-dwellers. However, it is also populated with hidden treasures, awesome restraraunts, and great entertainers.
-If you ever come to Tucson, I highly recommend you check it out.
-My favorite date night was a Thursday evening, we headed to Fourth Avenue. We went to a bar called "Sky Bar" - which has telescopes out that view different planets and stars. They happened to have an awesome live jazz performance going on that night. Very fun.

Picture of the month:

Saturday night during our camping trip, Ryan decided at sunset to drop a line in the lake and do some fishing. So I joined him to talk his poor ears off keep him company . :) I captured this with my phone. How peaceful and perfect is that??!! :)

Best Movie of the Month:
-Probably "Date Night". I thought it was really cute. I love Steve Carrell (sp?). And Tina Fey is kind of definitely my role model.

Goal for September:
1) To pass NCLEX.
2) To land a job on the Telemetry floor of my hospital.
3) To some how negotiate a means of not having to work nights (pretty sure I won't attain this goal)
4) Have a good, solid month of marathon training (it starts picking up more now!)

Coming up for the month:
-Besides all the job and house stuff.......
-U of A football games begin. So we are looking forward to attending those games and doing some tail-gaiting! To be honest, I get more excited about the tail-gaiting than the actual games.
-Seeing Tosh.O on September 24....one of my new favorite comedians. If you get offended easily, do me a favor and don't check him out.
-Cooler temperatures! Woo hoo!!!!

Hope everyone is off to a great start to their week! Yay for September....this is one of my favorite months!


B and B said...

Hope you get your test date scheduled soon. And, good luck on the house. Wow! Also, that picture is so beautiful. Phone cameras have certainly improved, haven't they?

Cherry Blossoms said...

I have also been on a watermelon and cucumber kick. Glad that even though life is busy for you that good things are coming your way esp with getting the new house!
PS: That bar sounds like a fun spot!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am shocked that you took that pic with your phone camera. How gorgeous!!!

I actually stole this recap from my friend Nora. So I was totally not original either until I came up with my monthly recaps this summer...

Lots going on in your life! I hope you won't have to work nights for long! I know that is def not optimal!

Marlys said...

Beautiful sunset picture! I, too, am surprised it was taken on a camera phone! We never did see a calm serene lake this weekend so am glad someone did!
Good luck with the NCLEX - know you will do well so you can start working - NIGHTS!!! Fun, fun, fun!

Mama Nastase said...

Lots to be excited about! Good luck on all of the above.

Re:4th Ave, have you ever stopped in at Pop Cycle? It's all recycled goods which have been turned into super-cool products. The girls LOVE that place!