Monday, October 4, 2010

Ode To the Sister

So, there I was at the grocery store picking up some odds and ends to make a delicious soup.....

(It was rainy and 80 degrees today - which means EXTREME FALL/WINTER weather in Tucson. Watch out! Therefore, I had to make a soup from scratch. I also whipped up a home-made loaf of bread)

When I realized, "I need to gather some supplies to send a care package off to my sister, Lisa, for her marathon coming up".

When i realized she leaves in like 2 DAYS for the destination of her marathon! (Portland, Oregon next Sunday -- woo hoo!!)

I live in Tucson, AZ.

Which would mean it would take more than 1.5-2 days for my "care package" to get to her on time.

So, Lisa -- I am sorry for my lack of schedule and consideration. But the thought was really there!!!

4years ago when she ran the Twin Cities Marathon -- I was a freshman in college. I boxed up so "Gu-Packs", new socks, a card, and "sports beans (which are claimed to have electrolytes in them) -- and sent them to Minneapolis.

But this race snuck up on me.

So, here is my ode to her! (I know it doesn't replace a package-o-love...but...)

  1. Although sometimes Lisa may be a "Type A person, and sometimes isn't the MOST patient person in the world. I give her a lot of credit of patience for.... Growing up (as her little sister/biggest fan) -- I followed her EVERYWHERE.
  2. EVERYWHERE!!!And I never stopped talking her poor ears off....
  3. Lisa inspires me.
  4. She trained for her 1st marathon, while working full time, while going to grad school, while maintaining a normal life.
  5. She is one of the most motivated, driven women I know. This lady lets nothing get in her way!
  6. As we've grown a little bit older, and have moved away from each other -- we have grown very close.
  7. Although it stinks we only are able to physically see each other a few times/year -- I have blackberry messenger to thank that keeps us "hooked in" nearly every day of the week!
  8. Everytime we get together -- my cheeks hurt from laughter as we reminisce on stories of growing up.
  9. Lisa is a very determined marathon runner. I know she is going to do incredible in her marathon on Sunday! Every stride she takes of the full 26.2 miles will be with the utmost determination and drive!
  10. Wishing I could be at the finish line with a red Gatorade and a hug! Love you!!!!

She flew out to Phoenix, AZ the weekend of my birthday. Look how the Midwest has thickened her blood, and the Southwest has thinned mine. I'm in a winter coat -- she's in a tanktop! Sad (on my part- haha!)
Christmas 2009


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thank you so so so so much! This was so sweet - I am so touched and have tears in my eyes!

As much as I put up with you, you put up with having a bossy, over bearing, know-it-all, "I think I can tell you how to live your life" big sister. ;) Luckily we have both grown up a lot over the last couple of years! :)

Thanks for the good luck wishes! Truth be told, the race snuck up on me, too!!!

And I still have the socks you gave me for the marathon and I still wear them!

Jess said...

This is really sweet. It's funny how much relationships between sisters changes when you get older. As I think I've said, my sister lives across the country from me too, but she's still my best friend. (And, I was an annoying little sister that used to follow her around everywhere too!)

Marlys said...

That was so very thoughtful and I know Lisa will think that this topped the care package you would have sent! This is the best gift one can receive and I know Lisa will think of this as she runs on Sunday! I, too, wish we could be there to congratulate her when she crosses the finish line!

B and B said...

Well done, Abby! Sisters rule!! Right, Marlys?

Mama Nastase said...

Awww, I agree with your mom, Abby. Your ode to Lisa probably means more than anything you could buy her!

Good luck, Lisa! I know you're going to have an amazing time!

Marlys said...

Yes, Barb, sisters rule! I can't imagine my life without my two dear sisters! And it is true that you grow fonder and closer as the years pass!