Thursday, October 14, 2010


Let's talk "pain"....

Often pain is viewed as negative thing. It can be very bad. As a nurse, I've seen some pretty extreme cases of pain. It can totally have a psychological take-over on one. My heart hurts for people who deal with chronic pain. Chronic pain is just not nice.

But, today, I am dedicating a blog post to pain. Thanking it.

(Now, I realize that pain can be a huge burden in life. So PLEASE, if you suffer chronic pain -- don't think I'm referring to you and take offense.)

Pain is your body's way of communicating.

It tells you, "Please stop." It tells you, "You're doing something wrong."

I'm 10 weeks into training for my marathon on December 12. Things have been going amazing the whole time. Until last weekend....

After my 9 miler, my hip started feeling really sore. It's been slightly ongoing.

But it was getting exponentially worse this week.

3 years ago, I would've been stubborn and pigheaded and kept running on it. I would have said, "Eh, I'm young! I'll just run it off."

But this time...I stopped and immediately set up an appointment with a Sports Medicine MD.

Best idea ever! She happens to be an Ultra-Marathon runner. Has a history of being the Dr for the Philidelphia Eagles (that's an NFL team), and was once an Athletic Trainer for an Olympic marathon runner.

So she understood my fears.

She told me I came in at the perfect time. I just have inflammation in my hip. My legs are uneven lengths. Possibly due to the fact I was born in Hip Dysplasia (hips weren't in the sockets at birth)

So for the next 12 days, I will be doing electric stimulation, ultrasounds, myofacial release, and actual athletic training with her.

No running allowed. Biking only. Icing my hip 4-6 times/day.


But, this will be good!

Not only will it let me heal, but it will teach me how to build and take care of my body in the future.

So..... lesson of that day for me and for ALL of you out there--

Listen to your body!!!!! It's one smart cookie ;)

(That is a smart cookie. Not a smily face with measles....) ;)


Marlys said...

Be sure to listen to her advice! I never thought about the hip dysplasia when you told me about your appt., but it makes perfect sense! Hope it heals quickly!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad that you got this looked into, too. I think alot of us runners sort of cover our ears or sort of ignore the pain because we are afraid someone is going to tell us not to do a race. So then we train and train and run a race which then might result in a permanent injury.

You are one smart cookie! :)

Mama Nastase said...

How great that you listened to your body and are able to hit this head-on, rather than scrambling to undo damage when you're much older! That's also cool about your new doctor, I don't know if I've ever told you, but my girlfriend Kathy in Tempe is also a myofacial therapist!

Keep icing your hip and listening to your doctor. As Lisa said, you are one smart cookie!!