Friday, October 1, 2010

Thank God, October, from finally arriving!

It's time for my monthly update. If you sense a tinge of negativity in my voice today. You are detecting correctly! I'm not going to delve into the details of why. Just know that I want to fast forward through this phase of my life.

I know, you're all going to give me some life wisdom saying "You learn something from every phase of life. This will give you character".

Well, I dont feel very "characterized" right now. Just pissed worried, and stressed out.

I bet that was enjoyable annoying for you all to read my moaping. So, we'll move on to the October update!! :)

Current Book:

Currently I am just starting to read the book "Labor Day" - Joyce Maynard.

Current Food items: (because I have some odd eating habits...this deserve a category)
-Whole wheat rotini noodles with basil leaves and tomatoes. My food of choice before my long runs!
-Low Fat Cinnamon Graham crackers with milk. My favorite "bed time snack"
-Dried Papaya fruit.
-Apples. Yay for fall!
Current Frustration:
The job market. Being a "new grad". The fact that I don't have a clue of when or where I will be working in 2 weeks.

The 100+ temps.

Current Excitement

Just kidding. (haha...) I will say (even though I'm not really excited about it). That I work my first 3 shifts as an RN next. But, it's just for a PRN(per diem) job. Just waiting for my hospital to decide what they're going to do with us! Oh, but the contract says they have 120 days.

Ryan gets home today finally from Florida. I'm ready. I haven't talked to anyone this week except for job interviewers, HR people, and the cashier at the grocery store.

Favorite Date Night of the Month
This month was kind of crazy! But my favorite date night was last weekend. We went to Tosh.O and out for drinks aftewards. We went with another couple -- it was a good time. Tosh.O is the most politically incorrect comedian -- I love it. I needed a good laugh! (here's the clip, but I will warn may be offensive to some?? Don't say I didn't warn you!)

Picture of the month:
I don't think I took any pictures this month, actually!
Best Movie of the Month:
-Grown Ups. I was in theaters this summer. Very cute. I recommend renting it when it comes out.

Goal for October:
1) To get a Full time normal job as an RN.
2) To survive my 1st 3 days next week as a nurse where I will have 35 patients. Wow.
3) To keep my head up. It's only October 1. So I'm allowed to make this a "work in progress. ;)
4) To try some new fall-recipes!

Coming up for the month:
-Starting the PRN job. Interview Monday. Hopefully hearing from my hospital.
-More UA football games! We had one almost every weekend in September -- and had a great time at every game.
-I will be getting my first niece any day now. Ryan's sister is days/moments away from bringing a beautiful, baby girl into this world!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

So exciting that you'll have your first niece!

I know September was a tough month for you... Here's hoping October is much, much better!!

Mama Nastase said...

I am praying that your interview goes perfectly today, and you can move into the next phase of your life asap!

I've got a great new white bean chicken chili recipe that you might like to try...loving soups and chilis right now. (Anything to "pretend" we're experiencing fall! ha ha)

We're also on pins and needles waiting for Erin's precious baby girl to arrive! Such an exciting time.

Marlys said...

October is going to be better - I just know it! But, you have to reflect on the good things that happened in Sept - like passing NCLIX! That was an awesom accomplishment! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! :)!