Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Blogs: My First Love

So today's post is to talk about your 1st love.

But before I get into that, I have news to share!.....

My hospital called me Thursday evening at about 6:30 pm with the offer. And I got my 1st pick - Telemetry! At my hopsital their telemetry unit is a cardiac step-down unit from the ICU. So I will get to see some pretty sick patients, but no ventilators! I am very excited to get my skills expanded! :)

Now on my 1st love....

I am proud to announce that my 1st real love was my husband. Prior to Ryan, I had never been in love. Nor did I even know what the meaning of love was. Never in my life had I committed or dedicated myself to anyone! It makes me happy to know that he is the 1st person and the only person I will ever share that bond with!

But I will share the story of the 1st boy that had me "smitten". It was the summer before 8th the International Music Camp in Canada at the Peace Gardens. He was 1st chair in the band, I was 2nd chair. He had a really nice trombone -- the fancy kind with the extension tubing. He even had this fancy polish for his instrument.

The band students in little wyndmere, ND did not have this kind of gear. Nor, did they even care about music. So this was exciting for me!

We were warming up before our 1st rehearsal.

....and I had never heard a B flat major scale sung so beautifully from a trombone.

He finally turned to me and said, "Hi. I'm Billy. Is that a yamaha?"


Throughout high school, and my intense activity in music -- I had several "love-at-first-sight" moments like this at various band trips. I remember deciding at one point that I would not marry a man in my future unless he played a lower brass instrument.

When I met Ryan my freshmen year of college, one of the 1st questions I asked was "Do you play any instruments." Although he was a drummer in high school...I later came to learn that he did, indeed play the Baritone before he was allowed to switch to the drums.

And that's when I knew I had met my Low-Brass-Playing-Love.

Oh my I was googling a picture to insert into the blog. I typed "Low Brass Male"

And this picture came up on GOOGLE. Which happens to be my high school trombone instructor whom I took lessons from for 4 years every Wednesday at MSUM!! (who for 6 months of lessons thought my name was mom's name. I was too intimidated and shy to correct him. So I just answered to it!)



Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Congrats on the Telemetry position, that sounds great! :)

I love your first "love at first sight" experience haha. It makes me laugh. Especially the fact that your husband had to be a lower brass instrument player- I barely know what that means! It's great that Ryan was your first love :) Mine was not Eric (I dated someone for about 2 1/2 years in high school-1st two years of college) which is why I decided not to write about Snuggles instead. I mean Eric knows, and I know he had pretty serious girlfriends before me that I assume he loved at the time- but I figured he didn't need to read a whole post about it haha. :) Now we just love each other so thats all that matters hehe

B and B said...


LOVED the B flat major scale story. I have s many wonderful memories from IMC.

Incidentally, Paul is a trombone major, too!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, that is funny. You were quite the band lover! IMC was great, though. I had many a crush there - I think the guy i had the biggest crush on was a trombone player, actually! Too funny!

That is so sweet/special that Ryan was your first love!

Marlys said...

Mr. Tesch! What memories that picture brings back - he looked like a grumpy old bear but was such a teddy bear in actuality! I often wonder what he's doing and if he's still at MSUM. I'm glad Ryan was a Baritone player before drums so he quailified for your credentials! You are too funny!