Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Blogs: My Parents

As you all know, from the Mother's & Father's Day tribute-posts, and the uncontrollable excitement I get about trips home......I have an very close relationship with my parents.

There isn't a day where I don't thank God for the parents who raised me. The parents who were a little more "strict" than the "16-year-old know-it-all Abby" wanted them to be. And now, I am SOOO glad they were strict!!! I am SO glad I was the only kid in my class with an 11 o'clock curfew (when all my other friends would stay out until 2).

I am SO grateful of how tough of critics they were of any boy I tried to date. They never approved any boyfriend of mine -- until they met Ryan. I think there's a darn good reason for that ;)

I am glad to know I grew up in a home where dinner was had at the table as a family every evening. Prayers were said before dinner. We had dinners as a family whenever it was possible -- although sometimes it was impossible with crazy busy schedules!!

My parents taught me about work ethic. They own a business where at the end of the day, they don't get to "leave" work at the office. They come home and deal with receiving phone calls 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. I can remember many Christmas Day's -- where my dad would give his employees the day off and head out to work on services calls. He never complained, he did what had to be done! Although they worked hard, they always put God and family as #1.

When I moved away from home, sometimes I feared that I wouldn't be close to them anymore -- since we only had phone & email to communicate. But I still talk to them several times a week.  Thank God for Blackberry Messenger, too! :)

Every day I jump out of bed in the morning --hoping I can carry out the values and roots that I came from!The values that my Mom & Dad taught me every day made me the woman I am today!

Thanks Mom & Dad! You guys rock!! :)

This photo was taken back in August, when they traveled to Tucson to be there for my Pinning Ceremony. (May I add that August is the WORST month of the year to come to's like consistently 110 every day)

Not only did they come out in August for my graduation, but they (and my sister Lisa) -- ALSO flew down to Tucson for the weekend of Ryan's Gradation. We were very blessed with visits from family this summer!


Marlys said...

That blog made me a bit teary eyed - thanks, Abby! I'm sure your older siblings would say that we weren't strict enough with you, but they weren't home when you were in high school, for the most part! And meal time was always important! They say that families who eat together have many less problems with their children, and praying together is another reason for success! THANK YOU, ABBY! I'm sure you will use the same practices for your family - I learned it from my parents! Pass it on!

Jess said...

Being far away from family is hard!! I totally get it!! I talk to my mom three or four times a week. When I look back at my childhood (and think about my relationship with my parents now) I feel completely the same way you do - I'm so grateful that my parents are MY parents. I really do think they helped shape me into the person I am today and instilled some pretty amazing values into me.

Nice post..thanks for sharing!

B and B said...

This made me tear up as well. Nicely done, Abby. You are lucky to have such wonderful parents!

qwerkyqook said...

Well said Abby. Just saw M&P this weekend! We don't tell our parents enough how much they have done for us. They are all pretty fantastic, and we definitely know how to scrub a floor :)

Mama Nastase said...

Awesome post, Abby! I TOTALLY relate to the work ethic piece, especially since our dads are so much alike...definitely remember my dad going out on calls during the holidays because he gave his guys off, too!

The other important things like family meals, respect and discipline are values my parents instilled in us as well. (And like you, I wasn't particularly fond of the early curfew, but looking back, it was Heaven sent!)

I know that you will be a wonderful mother someday, following in the steps of your own sweet (but tough!) mom!

P.s.-No matter how far away you go, or how old you grow, your parent's love for you will continue to sustain and hold you up during difficult times. Again, something I learned from my beloved mom and dad!