Thursday, November 18, 2010

30 Blogs: Something I'm Afraid of

This isn't a very difficult post for me to write about. I am such a "scaredy cat" about so many things. I could quite possibly turn this into a book.

I was also the kid that wouldn't go on the monkey bars at school, out of fear that my arms may be ripped out of their sockets. I was the kid who got to the end of the diving board, and then shriveled into a ball at the end shaking in tears. I got to the top-climax spot on a roller coaster, and start saying "Oh my God, get me off this thing. I don't want to do it anymore! Get me off this thing!!"

Then I went college, and majored in nursing. I leanred all the horrible ways one can reach multi-system organ failure. If I have too much coffee, and feel maybe the slightest heart palpitation - I am listening to my heart sounds with my stethoscope.........

So here's my list of irrational some fears. ;) (some of these may be comical & pathetic to you):\
  • Heights
  • Vomit (I've gotten better about this one as a nurse. I feel like God purposely puts the "pukers" as my patients. )
  • Childbirth (Every time I assisted w/ this during nursing school, I would go COMPLETELY white and have a "near-fainting-episode". I don't understand why, because I really think childbirth is incredible!!!)
  • Scorpions
  • Escalators (I have been on the world's largest one in Washington D.C., however)
  • Osteoporosis and Arthritis making me debilitated in my old age. (I'm already taking glucosamine)
  • Parking lots at night
  • Our house at night when Ryan is gone
  • Semi trucks
  • Antique dolls - the ones with those long eye-lashes and big creepy eyes staring you down

  • Injuring my foot, knees, or hips (after my marathon 12/12, my lower body can have all the injuries it wants)
  • Losing touch with my family
Have a great Thursday everyone! Be careful out there! Lots of escalators, semi-trucks, vomit, and dark parking lots out there! ;) (hehe)


B and B said...

We have a picture of you and Nick at Valley Fair when you were very young. You were clinging onto Nick for dear life on this little kiddie roller coaster. You were clearly tortured by the ride. I will have to try to find it. Do you remember that day?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my gosh, I am giggling over Barb's comment because I totally remember that picture. You have a death grip on Nick's neck. It's hilarious.

You know what's funny? I'm not afraid of throwing up anymore. Strange, huh? I dont' enjoy it, but I don't have this irrational fear of it anymore....

I was also terrified of roller coasters when I was a kid. MOm will remember this. I always thought it was goign to suck me into it... weird. To this day I sort of hesitate when I get on an escalator...

Jess said...

Ok, this was pretty funny mostly because I have many of the exact same fears. Especially throwing up...I can't explain it, but ever since I was a little kid, there's been something about throwing up or being around people throwing up that I just don't deal with. Good for you for being able to handle it!!

Marlys said...

You are too funny! I also remember the Valley Fair experience! I wonder if Nick still has scars on his neck from you holding on to him! I have a fear of heights, too, and am finally getting over my fear of escalators! But flying in an airplane doesn't bother me and I can look out the window and have no fears, but don't put me on top of a tall ladder or on the roof of a house! No siree, sir!

Mama Nastase said...

Ok, now I have to see this picture of you and your cousin, Nick! lol I'm also afraid of roller coasters...and heights in general. But I love to fly and look forward to parachuting some day? Weird? Yeah, I know, but that's me! lol