Monday, January 24, 2011


Right about now...I would like to go back 1 1/2 years to....

Our honeymoon.

A place where we "stressed" about what we would have delivered for breakfast after our morning jog on the beach.

"Yogurt, fresh papya, and granola? Or a fresh omelet?"

"Mimosa? Or, Blood Mary?"

A place where we pondered...."Do we lounge by the pools first, and then go to the beach? Or do we go to the beach first?"
"Should I get a daquairi or a pina colada?"
"Hm...this is difficult."

"Do we go sailing? Or Kayaking?"

Playa del Mujeres Cancun, I am dreaming of you. I know you miss us too.............

I promise I will even prush up on my Spanish a little prior to returning. That way I don't sound like a dumbass explaining how I want my Mechelada. (I think that's how it's spelled??) (for those of you who don't know...this is pickle juice, clamato, y cerveza. Yum)

I won't even complain about customs, or the $60 taxi ride to our hotel, or the dirty Cancun airport (the taxi-driver had us PEGGED as clueless Americans....)


I am sleep deprived. I shouldn't complain. I'm only a nurse. I was at the hospital 62 hours last week, because I signed up for extra shifts and I had classes during the day. That's not even close to the amount of hours a doctor puts in. I honestly don't know how they do it.

Yesterday morning when I crawled into bed after my 4th day...I could hear IV pumps beeping and call lights dinging. I could'nt get the beeps out of my head. I felt like I was losing my mind....

I really don't mind feeling sleepy -- but if ANYONE has tips on how to get rid of the flighty-stupidity that comes with sleep deprivation?! Please help.  Starbucks Trente is not an option, so don't even think about suggesting I chug 31 ounces of Mocha-choco-carmelato-hazel-achino.

I am back to the grind pretty much until Friday! Boy, am I excited for Friday!! :) :)

I hope you are all having a good week! January is almost over!!! I love when a month ends for some reason. Even if its been a great month.

And football season is almost over too! (*jumping, prancing, and dancing for joy.*)

We haven't turned on our heat in 2 weeks.

Envious yet? My friends up north? :)


Marlys said...

I can see why you are dreaming about your Honeymoon! It looked fabulous - don't think I those pictures before! I think about you the nights you are working when I'm crawling into my warm bed, and believe me, I sure am thankful I'm where I am! I remember working nights, too, but we only worked 8 hours - more doable! And you are right about doctors - don't know how they do it either! I guess when they treat you nastily, you will have to forgive them as they might be sleep deprived!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Good luck w/ the sleep deprivation... It's tough. I have never worked doctor's hours, but my hours that i worked when i was at thue Psych Experiment were in the 60+ range and even when I went to bed, it wasn't like I got great sleep as I would have nighmares about work or would wake up at 3 am, think about something I needed to do, and get up and do it... So I know the feeling (although, not the feeling of working nights...). I hope the sleep deprivation is temporary because it wears a person down very quickly!!! I wish I had a magical suggestion! :( Hang in there, hopefully an easier schedule is ahead of you!

Mama Nastase said...

I wish I was at your honeymoon destination, too!! Talk about paradise. (Especially compared to your 60+ hours, sleep deprived current state.) Hang in there...I wish I had better advice than that. :( I do understand the feeling of "going crazy" that sleep deprivation brings, it's NOT pleasant. Hope it gets better for you soon!