Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Supersize Me

Biggest Loser, Subway Fresh Fit Club, the Boot Camp Craze, The Caveman Diet, Coconut water craze, even McDonald's getting a healthier menu with options like salads and yogurt! The marketing for "wellness" has increased vastly over the past few years.

Wow, America, are we moving into a trend away from the wrenches we were plummeting into? Finally the marketing is focusing on "pro-health"! Living well! Farmers markets are increasing!

America's previous trend was getting sad.Not just America, but it's pretty much spread throughout the whole world.

According to the CDC childhood obesity rose from 6.5% to 19.6 percent between 1980 and 2008!! That's not the children's fault. I completely put every once of blame on the parents. When I see a 4 year old at the playground who just can't quite run around like the other kids because his legs are too chubby -- my heart wants to cry. A 4 year old does not have an addiction to food. Mom &/or Dad did something wrong. The schools did something wrong.

Maybe I've being harsh. Maybe I'm being critical. I know I don't have children, so of course that automatically makes me the most well-informed, all-knowing parent in the world. For, my mom once told me, "Abby, the best parents in the world are the one's who don't have children" -- (I find that kind of cute....and true)

But, I think when those kids have to see nutritionists or child psychologists b/c they get teased for their weight -- the parents need a little education and hassling as well. Sometimes, I just want to go up to the parent and shake them.

Okay, So I just got a little off track on the focus of this rant post. ;) Back on track...

Starbucks, I'm a little disappointed in you. I have always believed in your company. You are very "green". You recycle. You serve healthy options (on the side from your very fattening floofy-creamy-drinks.) You even have pamphlets breaking down the nutritional information on all your drinks.

So the trente is coming out?!?! 31 ounces of coffee? I made a comment on my facebook about this, and a good person said, "There are mornings where I could use 31 ounces of coffee". I agree. But, you are the exception, my dear.

How many people actually go to Starbucks and just get a coffee? Most of the time it is a "Mocha Frappe Carmel Macchi-waki-creme-de-creme-de whip-cream-ioto"!!!! :D

(Yes, I made that name up...but that's how I feel when I listen to the barristas sometimes)

Totalling up to 600 calories. But, that venti just wasn't evenough "Mocha Frappe Carmel Macchi-waki-creme-de-creme-de couldn't possibly get by on just 20 ounces of that!

So they're making it available in 31 ounces. It just reiterates the fact that people cannot be satisfied. They had to have been getting suggestions or complaints for an increase in the size, right?! I don't work in marketing or retail or businesses....But I would assume when you make a change like that -- it's because of the demand? (Correct me if I'm wrong, please.)

People in our society never seem to be satisfied. We're always wanting more. It is unbelievable!

The other day, we were at a gas station, and I saw they had slushies in the 44 ounce big gulp size. How much would your stomach hurt after that, and can you imagine the brain freeze?

First of all on the terms of big gulps....when was the last time, you went to your fridge and opened up 4 cans of soda and drank them quickly in one sitting with a straw...

No!!!! That's not normal!!!!

Okay, I'm going to jump off my little soap box. Shut my loud mouth that seems to enjoy blabbing on and on and on.

If you like the idea of the trente? Good for you! I am impressed. If you like your soda in 44 on! If you enjoy drinking slushie from a container that far exceeds the size that your stomach can physically handle. -- Hey, it's your teeth and your tummy ache!

I just am .... entertained. And feel like this is kind of a move backwards. Am I going to boycott Starbucks? Oh, hell no. But you won't find me sucking down 31 ounces of Diabetes with a straw.

Tis the American way! The more the better......


Marlys said...

I've been waiting for one of your rants! You are right in so many ways, and I do believe that they are responding to a consumer request! I keep wondering how long it would take to cool down enough so you can drink it! That's my biggest complaint about barista coffees - they are sooo hot! Truth be known, I drink almost a whole pot of coffee every day, but it takes me all morning! Does that make it ok?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Good post, Abs. 31 oz of coffee is alot! I can only handle medium lattes - larges make my tummy hurt. It's just too much at once!

B and B said...

Black coffee. I don't understand all that stuff that people put in theirs. But, it is a great way to make money!!! I sipping my second cup (home brewed, black) right now!!!

Unprofessional said...

I just wonder how many times a person would have to pee after drinking one of those....that would ruin my day.

Mama Nastase said...

"Mocha Frappe Carmel Macchi-waki-creme-de-creme-de whip-cream-ioto"!! Made me laugh out loud AND gag, at the same time! lol I agree with your rant, though, our SuperSize Mentality is ridiculous.

(I wonder how much would a Trente "Mocha Frappe Carmel Macchi-waki-creme-de-creme-de whip-cream-ioto" would cost?!)

Like your mom, I drink about a pot of coffee every day, but it takes me all morning, too. If I got 31 oz of coffee, I think it would be cool enough midway that I could add ice and have an iced-coffee for the afternoon! ;)