Thursday, February 3, 2011


It got into the teens last night here in Tucson - which is like serious record-breaking cold.

The Tucson Media made me giggle last night, though. They finished covering the story of the INSANE storm in Chicago. Showed pictures of literally PEOPLE (yes, humans) blowing in the street through the blustery weather.

....and then went RIGHT into giving us Tucsonans tips on winter weather survival b/c it was going to get into the 20's and possibly below.

I understand they need to teach us to bundle up and wear warm clothes, because I know sometimes when it's cold out -- it gets confusing on what type of attire one should wear..

......(no sarcasm there...)

All I heard in this particular newscast before I left for work was teaching us to bundle up. I put a snarky comment on facebook about the media.


I pissed of so many Tucsonans.

Rage!!! I even got an evil text message at 1 am while I was at work! I didn't mean to piss people off. I was just making fun of the news. Who doesn't, right?

Didn't I say yesterday that I should just quit talking until the week is over b/c I am just sucking at life lately?

I should've followed through with that, I guess!

But anyways, I underestimated the cold here. Tucson is not infrastructurally prepared for cold weather, apparently. When I got home from work this morning, we had no water! Many people were without water. Some people's pipes froze. We, luckily, didn't have frozen pipes -- and as of 10 minutes ago I heard gurgling noises, and our water is back!

Some people were without gas too! Crazy stuff! (I still get excited...but Lord, I will never post that shit on facebook again. Apparently I can't be cynical or sarcastic, or give a little spice of my odd sense-of-humor.)

Well, I feel like I just got off work not long ago -- and I'm back in a few hours for some training, and back tonight!  -- and then I'm a freeee woman for a few days!

I am so very excited! I plan on cleaning, again. Yes, I just cleaned on Tuesday. But I'm on one of those "kicks". And baking bread. Going for a long run.


Jess said...

Oh, yikes!! Last winter, my parents spent a few months in Florida and I was there for Christmas. It was colder there than normal, but still quite warm for me! I was at a grocery store I also made some sort of remark about how amused I was about how people were complaining about the cold and the cashier got pretty unhappy with me too. Mostly about orange trees not being able to survive the cold. I felt bad, but I was just trying to make conversation.

Hopefully things stay warm for you though because frozen pipes and no heat don't sound very pleasant!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Interesting! I have not been on facebook for days - I need to go check out what you said & see what the backlash was all about. Sounds like you really fired some people up! I guess your facebook friends don't know that you are sarcastic? Odd...

Cherry Blossoms said...

Are. You.Kidding.Me?? You got backlash for making fun of the weather? I'm sorry but I have to laugh. I did hear on the news today that our weather has been the coldest in 25 years.

B and B said...

The written words lack the facial expressions and voice inflections which place statements in their true context. Therefore, the humor intended may be lost in the process. Might that have been the situation?

I am writing this because I have learned this lesson, too!

:) (Cute icons taking the place of facial expressions)

Such a world we live in!

Mama Nastase said...

Abby, it's really hard to NOT offend *anyone* on facebook...unless you ONLY post positive things. (And even then, you still might offend those who insist on being 100% real regarding each and every subject! lol)

Love you!