Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Okay, so I just had this post typed out about how I feel extraordinarily down in the dumps.

......But I deleted every word of it. No one likes to hear about a cloud of doom.

The truth is, I am having one of "those weeks". "Those weeks" where every action I take -- results in an epic fail. Every attemping polite gesture comes off to the other person as wrong, rude, and bad. In my attempt to be graceful and helpful...I'm only coming off klumsy & careless.

I can't wait for things to turn around! In the meantime, I think maybe I should just quit talking and go hide in a bubble.

So, I'm here to make a list of "all things happy"

  • The sound of the garage door opening when my husband gets home. My reaction of excitement is no different than the reaction I got when at age 6 my Dad would come home from work.
  • Jicama. This is a new vegetable that I have added to my diet. It is delicious plain, on salads, or however you may wish to enjoy. I highly recommend. Plus, it's high in Vitamin C!
  • Coffee - freshly ground & freshly brewed. How do Mormon's survive working the night shift?
  • Finishing a really good, hard work-out. Endorphins are fantastic.
  • New sweatpants. I like the lyca-ish, black, jogging pant style
  • Winter PJ's. They must have buttons & a colar, and satin/silk gets bonus points
  • Finishing cleaning the house. I swear our house increased by 100 sq.ft. yesterday when I finished!
  • The sound of the morning doves in our backyard. I never thought this cooing would be pleasant, but it really is. And they shut up during the night.
  • When the barking dog in our neighborhood is finally taken indoor & shuts the hell up. This dog has 2 more strikes & I'm calling Animal Control on their asses. I already have the Pima County Animal Control phone number programmed into my phone.
  • Okay...that wasn't a very positive thought......
  • Reading. I did not read anything but text books during my time in college. So this new hobby has been quite pleasant!! I have been missing out.
  • My family. Oh, how I miss them. :)

So, did anyone hear the outcome of the Groundhog? Groundhog day isn't nearly as exciting now that we live in Arizona. I remember 02/02 being a very important day when we lived in North Dakota....


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hope the groundhog is right - I am so sick of winter! But I am going to guess we have at least 6 more weeks of it ahead of us, even though he didn't see his shadow...

I think it helps to focus on the positive to get out of those ruts. That's what i try to do. I try to find ways that i can say, "I am lucky". Otherwise it's easy to get caught up in the negativity (that was me yesterday, I did not have a great day!)

Marlys said...

It's good to focus on the positive, especially when you are having a bad day, or week! And it's okay to be upset with the barking dogs! Makes me happy to hear how excited you are when your husband returns at the end of the day! Tomorrow may be a great day - don't lose heart!

Marlys said...

PS - we miss you, too!