Monday, February 28, 2011


Did we really just have a weekend?

Let's just say that last weekend was...weird. I worked Friday & Saturday night. So I didn't really have a weekend. Sunday was my birthday.

Friday & Saturday afternoon were spent dealing with a multitude of car issues. Yes, multiple. And the story is one of those stories that just "keeps gettin' better".

It's a blog post in stay tuned for that.

I had a fantastic birthday. First of all, Saturday night at work was out-of-control crazy busy. But, when the sun came up I was pleasantly surprised with SNOW-COVERED mountains. In fact, the entire TOWN was covered in snow!!

You're probably reading this thinking, ".....and...?"

IT'S THE FREAKING SONORAN DESERT! It NEVER snows. Ever! I am assured that this was my amazing birthday present from God. It was his way of giving me a little "taste of home". Except it felt like I was in Switzerland, not North Dakota with all the snowy mountains. Mmm

 (excuse the crappy photo -- I took this with my Blackberry in the parking lot at work in the morning)

I went home, slept for about 2 hours (yes, I know, not enough. Especially since Saturday after working I only slept 4 hours). But it was my BDAY. I was NOT sleeping it away.

I woke up and Ryan made me a latte - and I opened present, got ready, and he took me on a shopping spree.

Normally I'm not a HUGE shopper..but it's been a long time since I've shopped -- so this was fun.

Then we went out for dinner and shared a "wood-fire grilled pizza" and a "pizzookie". MUCH better than birthday cake. Mmm.

Our evening was quietly spent watching the Oscars, catching up, and having a fun night of laughter :)

Happy March to all!


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Happy Late Birthday - how cool you got SNOW for it :)

Jess said...

Sounds like an awesome birthday to me!! Hope you manage to get more sleep in the near future though!!!

B and B said...

I think the mountains look beautiful.

Sounds like you had a nice birthday! Shopping spree! Lucky girl.

Marlys said...

You consider "snow" a gift and we are looking at it as a curse! I know that yours didn't last long and I'm glad it made you joyful! I am looking forward to you "car blog" as it was too funny! Well, it wasn't funny going through it but it is now, right? Your Birthday sounded very nice, except for the sleep deprivation! Hope you're catching up!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That pic of the mountains w/ snow is beautiful! What a nice little gift from God. ;)

I am glad you had a good birthday. I hope you have caught up on sleep, though! 6 hours b/w 2 days is not much. Eeks!