Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The day I almost pulled all my hair out of my head

Remember my birthday weekend (February 25-27), which could quite possibly go down as the worth bday weekend I've experienced yet!

Now, I will say my actually BIRTHDAY was excellent. Once I got home from work, slept for 2 hours, chugged a cup of coffee, and enjoyed my day (pretending not to be sleep deprived). It was a great day. But, the weekend was not so great. And here is why. And also...this is the reason why I HATE CARS.....

There we were Friday morning. Ryan had an off Friday (he gets every other Friday off)....I had to work that night, but we got the morning & afternoon to spend together! So we decided "let's work out together ,and then we'll spend the day relaxing" (since I had to work that night...I would normally HATE THIS b/c I cringe at the idea of *relaxing*.

So we worked out and home doing our crazy push-up/pull-up extravaganza. We then headed out the door to do a quick run around the neighborhood.

**When I run from our house, I normally lock the WHOLE house up, and then take my car key, lock my house keys in the car, and use my garage door opener to get into the house**

As we are leaving, Ryan asks, "Would you like me to hold the key?"

I said, "No, no...see? I have this special *key pocket* in my running shorts! Works GREAT"

(cheesey thumbs up guy)

We take off. We ran, we pleasantly chatted, we gauked @ dream houses, we sprinted really really fast....

We got .5 miles from our house, I reached down and said....

"uh oh....."

I couldn't feel my key ANYWHERE. I had to tell him.......

Abby: "Uhm, Ryan? Well, you see...."

**Ryan knows me tooooo well** Responding..

Ryan: "Abby. Where's the key."

Abby: "Well, it's temporarily uhm...MIA"

Ryan: "YOU LOST THE KEY?!?!?! How could you lose the key?"

Abby: "Well...I..errr... I didn't LOSE it! I just misplaced it. Temporarily! Here! Let's just quick backtrack 2 miles and find it! It's GOTTA be SOMEWHERE.

So we backtrack. We walk around. We run around. With our heads glued to the ground. Looking like the village idiots.

No luck.

We backtrack to the house - and discoverer.....we didn't lock the front door afterall! *hurrray*

We continue to look and backtrack.


So I go into the house, dig up my spare key that I had made @ Walmart a few months back, and say "Let's throw in the towel PLEASE. I lost the key, I failed. Let's move on with life"

So Ryan suddenly decides, "I should really check out your car and see how it's running, see if the oil needs changed, etc. Since we're out here and I have the day off"

He puts the key in the car, and guess what?!?!

IT DOESN'T START! Well, it would start, and then turn off immediately.

So he starts investigating.

He discovers I am ALMOST out of oil. And my spark plugs are fried -- they look terrible.

So we worry I'm burned out of oil. Ryan replaces the oil. Changes the spark plugs.

Car still doesn't start.

Let me clarify that this took ALL DAY LONG. He was in our driveway working on the car until the sun went down that Friday.....

I headed into work that night, and luckily it was a weekend so I could take his car!

Stay tuned for PART II of the Day I almost lost my mind.......

(this story needs to broken gets that bad)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ufda, you know it's been a bad day when you have to break it up into multiple posts. :( Eeks. That really sucks about losing your keys. I am so paranoid about that, I run with them in my hand. If I were ever to lose my keys while I was on a run, I would be totally screwed because NO ONE has a spare to my apt. Not so bright, huh?

I am sorry the weekend was so horrible but I am glad you had a great day on your actual bday - although that really sucks that you only got 2 hours of sleep! I would have been a zombie!!

Marlys said...

And the saga continues! Stay tuned - it's worth your time!

Marlys said...

Waiting for the "rest of the story"!