Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A new hobby

When I was in high school, which is usually the normal time for people to play an organized sport.....I did nothing. I was THE MOST unathletic kid on the block. I almost always was last picked on teams during gym class. No one wanted me on their team...I couldn't catch the ball, kick the ball, hit the ball

In fact, any ball I saw flying even remotely in my direction made me duck and hide for dear life.

I just don't like flying objects.

Then...I discovered running.

Running had no balls.

Just legs. Roads. Fresh air. Speed. No balls. No teammates to tell you, "You suck!"

Now my husband is a different character than myself. He loves contact sports. He was a jock. This man is very agile. Sometimes...I think he's part monkey or something.....

Our idea of a "day at the park" differs. I want to go for a run.

He wants to throw a football around.

We now compromise with a frisbee....

Last time we threw a football around?

Near-Marcia-Brady Incident.

My fear of sports has become a joke between the 2 of us.

Friday we purchased our 1st tennis rackets. I got a pink, Nike, Breast-Cancer-Awareness one. Ryan's is red. Blah. I told him to get a matching pink one, but he declined....

And we set out for the courts. (I've never played or watched this sport in my life)

When we started out...I was intimidated. For there were 30 other courts in this area at the Hilton Conquistodor Tennis complex.

(these were the courts we played on -- beautitful!!!)
Surrounding us were these crazy tennisteeers. Whacking the ball around effortlessly.

We spent more time time running around after crooked balls. Jumping the fence because we were literally holding our rackets like baseball bats....

But suddenly, something clicked.

And there I was!!:

Watch out Venus Williams!!

Okay, so I wasn't that good. In fact, I'm probably terrible to a real tennis player.

But I was backhanding, and overhanding, and loving (trying to use tennis terms, here, people)

I schoooooled my husband! At one point he said "You are running me ragged."


So now, I am obsessed with tennis. It's my new favorite pastime. I wish I could play tennis by myself when Ryan's not around. It doesn't work very well.

I tried.


Marlys said...

You tried? That's crazy! Or did you hit the ball against a fence or wall? Maybe you can sign up for lessons! The only think I can beat your Dad at is Wii baseball, but then he started beating me at that, too. We haven't played since!

Jess said...

That's awesome!! I used to play a lot when I was a kid, but haven't in a while. You nay have inspired me!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

As you know, I also am not at all athletic. I hated gym class w/ a passion. So traumatizing!

I am glad you've found a sport you can enjoy - and beat Ryan at! :)