Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still Alive, Kind of!

Greetings, all! It has been awhile since I've graced you with my prescence.

For the past 2 weeks...I have been working a lot. My schedule has just been...."screwy" with lots of overtime. It's been a long time since I've just had a day off. Waking up a 4:30 to work out, going to work to run my ass off until about 8-8:30 causing so much house-work to pile up!!

But tomorrow I have the day OFF!! And then Friday we are leaving this society to escape into the woods for a camping trip.

Words cannot explain my joy for this.

I want to be in a place for a few days where call lights and IV pumps aren't beeping 12 hrs/day at me, where my patients aren't peeing in their water glasses "accidently" (yes, this happened to me yesterday....), where I don't have to fix emotional melt-downs, don't have to worry about people's blood pressure & heart rhythm, and no one will be detoxing on me.

Ahhhhh I am so ready for a real break!

I did get a little break last weekend, and we took a SURPRISE trip to Minnesota to spend Easter with the family. I cannot begin to tell you how incredible this was. I have been missing family so much lately! We flew out at early early Friday morning, and returned at 2 am Sunday night (yes, flights were delayed. Denver airport sucks). And we were back at it Monday morning bright & early at 5am!

So if I seem cynical or negative? I'm probably just a little tired!

I can't wait to go camping, and have something exciting to talk about!

Also, our garden is like a jungle. In a good way. It's flourishing like mad! It brings me great joy :)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Enjoy your camping trip!! A relaxing get away is just what you two need!

I am uber impressed you get up to work out at 4:30. Eeks.

B and B said...

Hurray for camping! You need it. I got tired just reading your schedule. Take care.

I read that Denver's airport was impacted by the fact that the St. Louis airport was hit by a tornado.

Keith told me he flew out of St. Louis 30 minutes before the tornado hit on Friday night. Yikes! That's close. Thankfully, he got out before...

Enjoy your weekend.

Marlys said...

I, too, am happy that you get to go camping this weekend! Your trip to MN was so exciting but not relaxing, so this will be so much fun! Enjoy every minute!

Jess said...

Enjoy the camping trip! You deserve it, that's for sure.

Totally agree with you that the Denver airport is horrible. I'm sure I've blogged about my terrible experiences there!