Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lifestyle Changes

So there I was, curled up on a couch with a heating pad to my stomach, calamine lotion caked on my legs, elbows, and arms.....feeling extraordinarily grumpy. I was taking 3 different pills for my stomach daily, and popping benedryl every night so I don't itch my skin bloody.

Several family members have been mentioning, "do you think you have a gluten intolerance?" (it seems to run in our family). I blew them off. "I've been eating gluten my whole life, why would it all of a sudden cause a flare-up", was my response.

All it took was a little research, and my husband to finally say, "Abby, just give it a try for me."

So here I am, week 2 of no gluten!

I've had ongoing stomach & skin issues. I can't even count how many "date-nights" or evenings out I've ruined due to stomach aches. It's just not fun or worth it!

When I went to a doctor a few weeks ago, she just told me I'm eating a poor diet. Which I really have to argue with. I eat almost all nataral, I exceed the dietary recommendations on fruits & vegetables. I showed her my rashes, and her response was, "Oh...that's just bad shaving...." (Wow.....good answer, Doc. Because shaving my legs has their crazy effect of causing razor burn to my amrs)

So far? I'm still adjusting. Luckily, I'm not a big "wheat lover". I don't eat very much bread in the 1st place. But what do I miss?.....

Raisin bran & a cold beer.

Yes, I know. These things are available in "GF-style". But it probably won't taste the same? Luckily, I'm a very open-minded gal.

Breakfast is the trickiest meal of the day. I dislike eggs. However, I have discovered that I love hard-boiled eggs. So a new weekly routine is to boil a bunch to have on hand!

I've also started adding more protein to my diet...which is another step in the right direction! 

The only Gluten Free restaraunt in town happens to be a gourmet pizzeria called "Picazzo's". And it is literally RIGHT across the street from our neighborhood. We haven't been there yet, but when I'm craving a slice of pizza, that will be my restaraunt of choice!

My sister also has this allergy, and has been living with the lifestyle change for a few years now! -- so she it my "go-to-gal" for so many question sand mysteries. Last week I found myself texting her in great confusion on my 1st grocery trip ;). So thank you, Lisa, for your wisdom and patience!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I will be working for half of it -- but all day Saturday mine, and I can't wait!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

It's an adjustment, but a great one in my opinion. Yes, there are things I miss. Like I may have almost teared up looking at the crusty baguettes in Paris. But not having stomach issues anymore? Priceless. And worth forgoing gluten. i feel like I eat very well and do not miss out in any way, really. My favorite GF find is quinoa pasta. It's awesome. Try it! Ryan will even like it I bet!

I feel like I have become even more of a healthy eater since going gluten free. Mostly because i rarely eat processed foods!

And PS - you need a new doctor. Not impressed w/ the one you were seeing!

Marlys said...

I am so glad you are going gluten free! You once said that it started bothering you about 3 years, but I remember in high school how you would be so uncomfortable after eating and rubbing your stomach and appearing so uncomfortable! I remember my Dad struggling most of his life and not going gluten free until in his 70's! Hang in there! I know you are feeling better already!

Mama Nastase said...

I am excited for this to hopefully help your stomach/skin issues! I agree with your sister, you need a new doctor. STAT!

FYI, there are many restaurants that offer gluten-free menu options. I just read an article about them, was surprised at how many do. (There is even a gluten-free bakery!)

Hopefully you'll feel better soon!! xo