Thursday, May 26, 2011

Recipe Time: Sundried Tomato Stuffed Chicken

So I have a new recipe to share, that was seriously delicious, elegant, and savory. I will definitely be making it again! (but probably making a little change...which I will explain later)

The Grocery List
-Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
-Sundried tomatoes (there are different varieties of these. You can buy the ones in oil in the jar - that's I opted to buy the plain, dried tomatoes at the farmers market I shop at!)
-Feta Cheese ("President" brand makes a Fat Free Feta -- wahoo!)
-Olive Oil
-Balsalmic or Red Wine vinegar (whichever you fancy, in my opinion..I chose Red-Wine)
-Lemon juice & zest
-Fresh Basil
-Mint Leaves (this is probably optional, but I threw them in since they're in my garden)
-S & P
-Crushed Red Pepper

Instructions (I'm going to apologize ahead of tijme on my lack of measurements. I made this up, so I did the "throw a little in, do a few shakes method")
  1. Place chicken breasts between 2 pieces of saran wrap, and beat with a meat pounder to make it nice and thin. (Later on you're going to have to stuff the chicken and roll it up)
  2. Marinate in red wine vinegar, 1-2 tbsp olive oil, lemon juice, some fresh basil, oregano, S & P.
  3. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. In a separte bowl, stir together sundried tomatoes, a good chunk of crumbled feta cheese, about 2-3 chopped Basil leaves, 4 Tbsp (?) vinegar, and 1/2 Tbsp olive oil.
  5. Spoon some of the tomato/feta filling into the center of each chicken breast. Roll up the chicken breast.
  6. Once rolled up, place tooth picks in breast to hold it together. (Side note ** Don't use "party tooth picks! You probably knew this. I didn't think about it. My blue & green tooth picks caused my chicken to have bright "hues" of green & blue. Lovely**)
  7. Spinkle some feta, chopped mint leaves, and lemon zest on top. Bake for about 45 minutes (check on it at 35 minutes)

This was a photo of it prior to being baked! I highly recommend you grease your pan a little, as it will stick!
I also tossed some estra tomatoes on top. This meal was delicious!!!!

However......It was funny the night I made it. I was my 1st night off I'd had in a long time where we had NOTHING going on - and I could just cook a nice dinner for my husband. So I cleaned the house, donned my apron, and made this lovely meal.

....and my poor husband came home from work that night with a violent case of the stomach flu. So the house smelled of this lovely meal, while he was balled up in the bathroom vomiting all evening. And obviously didn't eat.

So it was good leftovers.....

Next time, I think I will just try plain tomatoes, instead of sundried tomatoes. As the sundried were a tad intense.


Marlys said...

That sounds very good, Abby! I like it that you dream up these recipes!

qwerkyqook said...

YUM!! I have to try this. I love sun-dried, so i think I might be into the intensity. Party toothpicks...too funny :) I love the recipe posts, especially now that you converted to the good guys...Go gluten free!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum! That looks delish. I would skip the cheese and I bet it would still be great!!