Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: Summertime themed!

Happy Tueday, everyone! Although I have about a million things I should be doing, I'm choosing to be not-so-productive and participate in the 10 on Tuesday this week. I love all things summer. So here we go!

1. From your childhood, what do you miss most about summer vacation?

Very easy to answer this one -- family!! Don't get me wrong, I cannot complain about the fun-filled summer we're having so far...but I really miss the luxury of seeing family pretty much every weekend.

I also miss lakes, water, rain, and wakeboarding -- which are other commodities that I do not get in Arizona.

2. Are you going anywhere on vacation this summer?
Yes! In a few weeks we are going to my favorite place in the world to get some much-needed family time!! We will be heading to Minnesota and staying at my family's lake cabin for a long weekend. I am SO excited!!

We're also going to San Diego in August to celebrate our 2 year wedding Anniversary. :)

3. What foods do you like to barbecue?
Pretty much everything and anything. I especially love grilled vegetables. Last night we made chicken-basil bratwursts (organic one's from Sprouts) on the grill served with grilled corn-on-the-cob. And then we threw some anaheim peppers & bell peppers into our grill basket for a yummy side dish!

(And eating bunless brats....because now you get to fill up on more delicious protein & vegetables, & sauerkraut instead of bread)
4. How do you celebrate the fourth of July?
It used to be spent at the lakes....

But now, we usually find ourselves at a party somewhere. This 4th of July I will most likely be working that weekend since I got this Memorial Day off.

5. What’s your favorite beverage to drink in the summertime?
Water with cucucumber and lemon
Lime Zero Powerade
Greyhounds (fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice with vodka)
6. What movie are you looking forward to seeing this summer?
I'm not too big into movies. But I would like to see "Bridesmaid" and the new Pirates of the Carribean.
7. In the car: windows down or AC?
I would die of heat stroke & dehydration driving with the windows down in the summer. Okay, so I'm exaggerating...but....

I also don't really like the feeling of the windows down. It makes my hair got all wacky.
8. Have you ever had a summer fling?
When I was 14 I always had a crush on some silly boy from the lakes.
9. Do you wear sunscreen?
Yes! Have to here in Arizona. And you must reapply, reapply, and reapply.
10. Do you have any favorite summertime activities?
Yes. Camping. Boating. Swimming. Wakeboarding. Fishing. Running (when it's not 100 degrees out, of course). Gardening. Grilling. Playing tennis. I just love everything involving being outdoors when it's nice outside!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I don't like having the windows down either. At all. I will sometimes do it after a run to get some extra ventilation in my steamy car, but that's about it. Not a wind-blown hair type of person. At all.

Yum - those sound like yummy brats. I can't wait to have access to a grill once I move. I think the majority of my meals will be grilled ones. :)

Marlys said...

Great post! I love all things summer, too, but it just doesn't want to come this year! Last night we mowed the lawn after work and we both wore winter coats as the wind was blowing about 40 miles per hour and the temps were in the 40's! I'm not kidding! Today is better - thank you June! Today is also Andrew's birthday! So glad it's a sunny day for him!

Jess said...

This post seriously makes me wish summer would hurry up and get here already!! Warmer weather seems to be slowly creeping in..but not quite there yet!