Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Yes, I am well aware it is Wednesday today. But yesterday when I got home at 8:30 pm, I just didn't feel like running around taking pictures of random things & blogging!

1. A picture of your favorite piece of furniture in your home.
The couch is especially a favorite of mine when it's cold out for the whole month in Tucson that it gets cold - and we can run our gas fireplace.

2. Your favorite thing on your wall.

Hi, I'm lazy! I don't feel like going around taking alll new pictures -- since my camera is super slow on uploading. So I'm using pictures from when I took pics of our house back in December. I tried zooming in, but that was ineffective as well. But this Last Supper picture is my favorite. It's gorgeous. We bought it in Mexico a few years ago.

3. Your bed as it looks right now.
I am one of these, like my sister said he her blog, who HAS to make the bed every day. I wonder if it has to do with the house we grew up in? And our Mom who had us do "hospital corners" with our sheets every day?
If I'm going to bed in the evening, and a bed isn't made for some reason? I will make it, and then crawl into it. Which leads me to an interesting tid-bit I just read in "Martha Stewart Living" magazine. That it has been PROVEN that crawling into a made-bed can improve sleep quality due to the routine & neatness of it!

4. Your pantry.
This one was tricky to photograph, do to the awkward angles.

Still have an entire shelf of "gluten-y" food that I'm trying to pawn off on Ryan. *sigh*. I do miss Raisin Bran & oatmeal. And beer.....But rashless/non-itchy skin & a happy stomach is worth the dietary change!

5. Your favorite piece of jewelry.

My wedding ring. It's the only "nice" piece of jewelry I allow myself to own and wear frequently, for I have a poor record or losing jewelry. So my necklace & earings Ryan got me last year for our anniversary I only wear on special occasions!

6. Your favorite book.

7. Your most comfortable shirt

Can you tell I like these shirts? They're at target in the work-out apparel. They are AWESOME. Dry-fit material, but still loose. And the colors? How cool is that. Ryan says I look like a high-lighter in them. But they work good for when I run early in the morning --

8. Your messiest room
I HATE this room. Messiest, randomist, most stressful room in our house. "The office". It has potential - its got great natural lighting, double-doors leading in. But Ryan is working on the finishing touches of our desk this weekend while I'm at work! So my job today is to get this room cleared out!

Once the desk is complete, we will make this our office/Abby's music room!

9. Your house shoes.
These started out as my work-shoes, but I kind of wore them out from running around a hospital. So I washed them reallly good & they're house shoes now! THese are the most comfortable shoes ever!!

10. Yourself

This is such an....accurate picture of me and just how strange & quirky I am. Yes, I am dressed in pink, camping, makeup on, sawing a tree trunk with the proudest grin ever. This moment made me feel extraordinarily badass.  (I also knocked down that up-rooted tree behind me with a round-house case you were wondering)


Marlys said...

I agree with Martha Stewart! And I'm envious of your pantry! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished office/music room! Sounds like a nice room with natural light and all! I think the bright shirts are ideal for early dawn running! Smart cookie!
Enjoy your day off!

Jess said...

There is something very unsettling about getting into a bed that hasn't been made.

Fun post!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I make my bed before getting into it if by some odd chance it's not made! I totaly agree w/ Martha. :)

B and B said...

Just why would anyone not make a bed?

Ahem, hospital thing.

Great post. Fun!