Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wine & Love

Yep...I'm creative! I'm stealing this idea from several bloggers! But it's cute!! And I have many things to drink wine over, and many things to love --So here it goes!

What makes me pour a glass of wine right now:
  • My 50 hour work weeks lately. And constantly striving to please all. It drains me. Sometimes I don't feel like a very "fun" person to be around anymore!
  • The fact that I feel like I'm pulled in way too many directions. If I make a mistake? It could be life-or-death. Some nights I drive home from work, and dont even remember my drive because I'm in such a daze of being totally "shell-shocked".
  • The other day a person hinted that I look pregnant
  • Why don't they just tell me, "Wow! Are you gaining weight?"

What do I love right now?
  • My husband and how flexible & great he is! I've recently gone gluten free due to a (about) 3 year issue with stomach problems, and now rashes all over my legs/arms. (I've been trying to pass it off..and make up excuses. But finally faced some reality and tried to make some changes) He's been so understanding & open to it...which helps extraordinarily!
  • Although it's the bane of my existence...I do love my job & the people I work with.
  • My garden. Every time I work in it, it is bigger, greener, and has more bulbs and new little vegetables popping up!
  • My bed. Which is seriously calling my name, since I've been up at 4:30 every day since last Tuesday! I have big plans of taking a melatonin & sleeping until 6 tomorrow!
Have a great week everyone!!


Marlys said...

Great post! It always helps to "wine" a bit so we can put it behind us. I'm glad that your "love" list is longer! Sweet! Enjoy your night of sleep and day off, my dear!

Mama Nastase said...

I agree with your mom, it does sometimes help to "wine" a bit! Heh!

I can't believe anyone would think or hint that you've gained look beautiful and perfect to me. (In fact, when I saw you Friday I thought you looked super healthy and happy. :) )

Hang in there with work and with the new diet. Thank goodness there are so many "gluten-free" options at the grocery stores now. Hope you find some relief!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Sorry to hear about work :( I couldn't even imagine doing what you do and can totally understand why it's the bane of your existence right now - hope it gets better. Enjoy a nice, long sleep!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Hope you get to sleep in soon. Although 6 is not sleeping in my book. ;)

Just remember to put yourself first when you can. I think one big lesson I learned in my 20s was how to say no. I used to be a 'yes woman' and then i learned that it wore me out and it just wasn't worth it to keep up the facade of being able to do it all. I know you can't say no to work stuff. But maybe try to say not to other stuff until your work schedule gets back to more manageable hours...

B and B said...

Good luck with the gluten free diet. We just got home from the grocery store and there was an entirely new section of gluten free. Very nice. There are so many more options these days!

Take care of yourself.