Thursday, September 1, 2011


There are various ways I could explain myself as wired.

Like my routine every day at 1500 every day: to mix up an iced black coffee to get me through the next 5 hours of my day.......I makes me a little "wired"

Or when I once leaned against an electric fence to pose for a picture once...not aware it was electric at the time! I felt very "wired"

Well, today I became "un-wired".....which almost made me come "unglued"....

Did our coffee bean grinder quit functioning??...........


Did a sudden monsoon hit, causing a loss in electricity?....

I almost wish. (I'm desperate for rain, people.)


My blackberry quit working.

And amazingly, life still went on. I, however, waited in a pause of suspese when this occurred...........

I thought, "is this it? Is this the early apocolypse?!?!? IS THIS THE RAPTURE?! It's not even 2012 yet! I knew that fundamentalist nutcase was wrong!"

I immediately reached for my phone, to text my husband, my parents, my siblings to tell them my goodbyes.

But I couldn't! I couldn't text anyone!

What's wrong with this picture? Yes. I am extremely dependent on my phone. I don't know addresses. I completely depend on my phone for directions to get anywhere. I don't even look up directions prior to leaving the house anymore. I also don't call people. I text. Would I text my husband to tell him the world is ending? It's possible. ;)

(I'm only joking....before you start thinking I truly am the most insensitive, stone-woman alive)

But. yes. My phone quit working. I couldn't call my husband to tell him that I'd have to go purchase a new phone today. I was annoyed. He's also out of town for the week.

I went to the Verizon store to purchase a new device. They asked for my husbands social security number. I did not know it. They wouldn't let me do anything. They said "Well, that's our policy, ma'am"

I responded, "I have a social security #, and I'm on the account....."

"Sorry ma'ma. That's our policy"

What really annoyed me, is that the customer service rep finally suggested, "Can you call him and ask?"

Feeling irritated, I responded saying "Yes. Let me call him with my phone that doesn't work real quick...."

Needless to say....I used their phone. I got ahold of him. I got a new phone.

The world goes on! I got a Droid Incredible. And let me tell is incredible! I love it! I hope everyone has a fabulous Labor Day Weekend! Celebrate well!! --While I am laboring away this weekend ;)


Marlys said...

You're lucky you live so close to a verizon store! I would have to order a new one on-line or wait until I got to Fargo! Glad it didn't take too long to get back online! WooHoo!
But I will miss BBMing you! Both you and Lisa have left me high and dry!

B and B said...

I am addicted to my phone. It's a bit scary, really.

Have fun with your new one!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you got a new one right away! Were they able to salvage your numbers off your blackberry? I hope so. You will love your droid! I miss bbm, but that is the only thing i miss about the blackberry!!

Anonymous said...

Lol come on babe, cant u just call me and tell me your phone is not working next time. Well I’m glad that you got a new phone.

I sure wish you could be here with me this week. I never thought that with such gorgeous weather and scenery I could be lonely but I definitely am.

I love you,