Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Discoveries wihle packing

Now by the title of this blog, you may get this mental picture in your mind of our house all packed up and empty. Boxes neatly stacked. Bookshelves, cupboards, & pantry empty


Not quite.In fact the only real progress that has been made was my husband taking all the pictures & curtains off the wall on Saturday morning. I just don't do well packing without someone there to keep me "on task". I'm too easily distracted. today I stopped, counted, and realized that I was attempting to do 5 things at once.

Not efficient.

But in my attempts to pack up our house today, I made a few discoveries. Some random, some meaningful.
  • I never throw away a pair of Mizunos. I have running shoes from years ago. I have running shoes with holes in them. I have a pair "camping/gardening shoes covered in burs & dirt. 
  • I have like 70+ cooking magazines. Bon Appetit, Simple & Delicious, Martha Stewart, the list goes on. I can't seem to throw them away. There could be a REAL winner of a recipe in one of those. 
  • Yes, I realize that probably all these recipes are online. 
  • I have a bag of potporri which is moving with us to the 3rd destination. Now I can't throw it away. The potporri has acclaimed a sentimental value to me now. (and I am not a hoarder)
  • Many boxes from our last move never got unpacked. They just found a place in storage. 
  • In other words...the house we currently live in never really became a "home" to me. In fact...I never felt completely at home here.
  • I own far too many winter coats to be living in a state that doesn't get a winter. 
  • We still haven't met our neighbors. We move next week. Friendly neighborhood we live in.(insert sarcastic smile here)
  • Whenever I am tasked to "wrap the fragile items" with newpapers (for packing purposes). I always find it impossible to resist the urge to itch my nose. I then notice hours later black spots on my face.......after I've made a trip to the grocery store.
Well, I should probably get back to packing. I'm so ADD about packing, that I actually allowed myself to get distracted enough to post about packing?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh. I feel your pain! I can't believe you have all those mizuno's!! I threw a bunch of shoes away when I moved. It felt good as i knew they were useless!

Happy packing... good luck, i really do feel your pain!

Marlys said...

Good luck with all your packing - I hope this is it for awhile, huh? But not forever as I still pray that you will end up back in the midwest someday! I know what you mean about the cooking magazines - I have the same problem! I'm just so sure I will use them someday that I can't part with them! Senseless, huh?

B and B said...

True confession: I have every issue of Cook's Illustrated since they started publishing the magazine. And what do I find myself doing? Accessing their recipes on line. Hmmm.

Happy packing.

ADD tip. Work in small increments of time. 20 minutes. Then stand back and start timing again. I have to do this. Otherwise, before I know it, I am lost.