Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love that body

This post gets a little more personal and "touchy feely" than I normally like to get. So bare with me. Or you can just not continue reading ;)

Lately, I've been pretty hard on myself. I constantly hear myself making negative comments about my performance at work, my body, and my role as a wife. I strive for perfection at my job and never cut myself slack. I think I have to stay the same weight from now until I'm 70 (where at age 70 I will become that prized LOL ). I still think that although I sometimes work 60 hours/week...I must do ALL the laundry, cleaning, cooking, dishes, etc. While wearing an apron, smile, & grace. (Ha!)


I've finally let go on perfection at work. There is no such thing as the "totally in-control nurse". No matter how organized you are....things go array. (Or as I tell the new grads I've precepted "Shit Happens in Hospitals. Deal with it"). This new attitude (aka flexibility) has helped me immensely.

I've started to chill out on the housework. I no longer do a full cleaning of the house every week. We're barely home. There is not reason for this.

But in regards to body confidence.....I'm slacking. And last night I had a "Come to Jesus" moment....

Last night I was in a bad mood when I got home because my jeans from 2 years ago don't fit me anymore. It pissed me off to the point where I wanted to cry.

You may not know this...but I used to be quite "tiny". In fact, I was "unhealthy-tiny". And for some reason I sometimes have these expectations that "If I was once that small, I should always be that small". Especially when life gets stressful.

Then my husband said something that changed my attitude. He said, "Your jeans don't fit you because you can squat 100 pounds. You should feel proud they don't fit."

I think all women have their "moments" where they're a little hard on themselves when they have to wear a dress. Or fit into a pair of jeans. Ect.

We don't give our body credit for what it does. We all too often only give it credit for what shows in up the silly mirror.

So I leave you with a little you tube action from Dove. If you haven't, you should check out their videos and promotion on self-esteem. It's pretty cool! Good marketing, because these commercials actually make me want to buy Dove soap & deodorant. Haha!

Live well. Love yourself. Love others! Have a kickin' awesome weekend guys!


B and B said...

In the teaching world, instead of saying "s$%# happens'" we used "monitor and adjust". You never know what can/will happen to get in the way of the plan one had for that day/class. But what is the important lesson that needed to be learned instead? Monitor and adjust. Go in the direction that is important for that situation.

It carried over into our life in so many ways. Paul and I still use it!

Most importantly, I am glad you have Ryan to give you such excellent perspective.

Have a good weekend, my dear.

Marlys said...

That was a very personal entry, Abby! I am proud of your reflections and making adjustments! It's so important to be flexible, but I'm sure you've inherited some OCD from your roots. That makes it double hard to adjust, but it sounds like you're making great strides! You have a great husband! Tell him I said so! And by the way, a woman is more beautiful with some muscle and a little fat on her body - believe me!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad that you are letting go of some things and being kinder to yourself. That is so important. just remember, Ryan loves you for who you are and how you love him! And while it is nice to be able to have a clean home and have dinner waiting for him at the end of the day, it doesn't make you any better of a wife - you are wonderful just the way you are!!

Mama Nastase said...

Loved your very personal entry, Abby! Allowing yourself to be more flexible in your field may save your sanity!!

And I'm proud of you for being proud of what your body can do for you! And proud of Ryan for pointing that out! (And you can squat 100 lbs? Holy moly, I'm impressed!!!) You're an amazing wife and daughter-in-law. You rock and we love you!!!! xo