Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksfulness: Home Sweet Home

Today I am thankful for our house. We are so blessed to have gotten this place! Here are a few reasons why I love this the steal we got!:

1) It happens to be in a neighborhood in the part of town I've drove to to run the trails for the past year! Now I don't have to drive 10 minutes to go for a gorgeous run, as it's right outside my back yard!

2) It backs into a golf course. Some people (our realtor) would say that's not a good thing. I disagree. AZ doesn't have a lot of green grass...and that's what we look at every day, and we don't have to maintain it either! (maintaining grass in this state is a headache...) We are located in a spot where very few balls end up in our yard too, so it works out.

3) It's a very friendly neighborhood. (but not too it's a nice balance. No annoying neighbors!) -- The weekend we closed, our neighbor came over with a plate of cookies to welcome us. It warmed my heart. And people are already working on their Christmas lights.

4) Although it's a very residential area...we are 1/2 mile from my favorite restaraunt: Noble Hops - A Pub for Foodies. It has 115 beers on tap, and their menu changes every few months and is very eclectic. Last time I went I had the  Ahi Burger with a Wasabi Mayo & Avacado. Delicious.

5) I love that it's not perfect. There are many things that need "a'fixin". And being young & ripe...Ryan & I have spent many hours on, Home Depot, and google learning how to fix these things. And in our 3 weeks -- it has made some awesome progress. I will be doing on a post in the future on the benefits on "DIY'ing"

6) Our pool brings me serenity. Although its too cold to swim in right now...the pump runs which creates a fountain. During the evenings this week, I've been opening the windows, listening to the running water, and playing spa music & jazz on Pandora. *Ahhhhh*

There will be pictures coming probably next week. We officially move in this weekend! So wish us luck. It's supposed to rain this weekend :S. What's up with that?! It never precipitates in Arizona!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh. I hope the weatherman is wrong and it doesn't rain. That is annoying!!! :P

Sounds like a great place. I am anxiously awaiting pictures!!

Marlys said...

You are lucky to have found this house! I can't wait to see the pictures, and even better, to see it for real someday! Hope the move goes smoothly and that it doesn't rain!

B and B said...

I, too, am anxious to see pictures. I know you have been incredibly busy. How fun to have the fountain! Good luck with the move.