Monday, December 5, 2011

New Years Resolution (a little early)

I have had quite the absense from this little blog of mine lately. Let's just leave it at the fact that there's been a lot going on. I look forward to having a day where I can do what I want to do. If I'm not working, life is being heavily consumed by "to do lists". But I will say that there is a "bounce" in my step & a smile on my face while completing these "to do lists".
What have we been up to?

Between our crazy work schedules, me trainging for a marathon, and Ryan taking on a new position within the Air National Guard.....Well, I would have to say we are being such a traditional ole' American couple. Buying our 1st home, fixing it up, becoming "regulars" @ Home Depot (seriously..they know us by name), hanging Christmas lights, baking loads of White-Chocolate-Cherry Biscotti for the neighbors......

We're kind of cheesey, huh! :)

But as we are, and I'm sure all of you are -- getting caught up the shear maddness of the season. Please, take a moment and enjoy.

Remember -- If all the baking does not get done -- the world will not end. Christmas will not be ruined. Life will go on.

If you end up buying gift cards for presents, because life just simply doesn't give you time to find the perfect gift -- instead, spend some time with that special person in your life. I bet that time will mean a whole lot more to them than a gift anways. If you can't spend time with them...then give them a call.

This past week has stopped me in my tracks in complete shock on just how precious life is. Two people who I interact with on nearly a daily basis @ work have had pretty serious medical issues over the past few days.

These instances really made me stop and think about the way we live our lives. You truly don't know what will happen to you in your future, or even in the next few days.

I spend so much time planning. Looking forward. Thinking "I will spend more time doing _____ when I have more time". "I'll do ____ later. I don't have the time now."

Part of my Advent & upcoming New Years Resolution is to really try to stop, look around, and do (instead of plan). 

I hope you all are having a great Holiday season. Please, try your hardest to not get wrapped up in the stress of the season, and instead get wrapped up in the Joy of the season. :-)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Great post, Abs! It is so easy to get wrapped up in life and to always look ahead and miss the wonderful things that are right before our eyes!

Marlys said...

That was a wonderful post, Abby! There is so much to do at this time of year, but even though in our hearts we want Christmas to be perfect, there are many things that we can skip and no one will notice! Preparing my heart for the birth of Christ is at the top of my list!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Ha I remember when we were painting our townhouse and the lady at Home Depot knew us by name and would ask us how the painting was going. We must have went in there 100 times over the course of 3 weeks. Lol!

This is definitely a good reminder to appreciate the love that surrounds us and not focus as much on the hustle and bustle of the season which it is way too easy to get caught up in!

B and B said...

Abby, what a great post. I lived that world for so long: "some day" "I can hardly wait until."

Enjoy the process of preparing your new home.

My heart goes out to your coworkers. I hope they are on the road to good health.