Friday, September 14, 2012

Pushing Fall

Have you noticed how fast we are to push that it's the fall season? Or is it perhaps heavier focused in a climate where the temps persist in the 90-100's throught October. Whatever it may be, I am so ready for fall and here are a few reason I know why.....

1) When I left the house last weekend to do some shopping it was 88 degrees out, and I said "Well, it's under 90. I guess that means jeans and fall clothes." Was I a hot sweaty mess while trumping through the beating hot parking lot of Target? Yes. But I had cute skinny jeans and a cute scarf to accompany.

2) I have actually found the website that tells you "When Pumpkin Spice Coffeemate Creamer is coming near you". You type in your zip code, and it tells you which grocery stores carries it. Unfortunately, it's still not at my local grocery markets. I started checking in August.

3) I have "Cinnamon Spice Pumpkin" hand soap in the bathrooms of my home from kitchen. And the Wall flowers. Our bedroom smells like Apple Crisp. Our Powder room smells like Pumpkin Pie. It's only September 14.

4) Last Monday I made chili in the crockpot. It was like 105 degrees. But it was September - great day for chili.

This is only the beginning of my deep love for fall. I associate so many great memories with this time of year. I remember raking leaves on crisp fall days back in North Dakota. That won't happen here in Tucson - unless I'm raking bogenvilla or cactus thorns?!

 I loved coming indoors from being out in the cool fall air to the smell of my Mom's Apple Crisp.....I believe that is what heaven smells like ;)

We moved into this house during the fall -- and I have so many fun memories of us painting and fixing up the house, and then enjoying the cool fall evenings with the windows open.

I love that first outdoor run, where one must put on a stocking cap and a long sleeve until the sun warms the world up. The air is so crisp and fresh in your lungs!

What is your favorite things about fall? Have you ever tried Pumpkin Spice Creamer -- if not, I highly suggest you try. I drink way more coffee during this time of the year because of that stuff.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I actually have not tried pumpkin spice creamer! I will have to try it as I love PSLs!! :) I love fall, too, and I am so bummed that I have been too sick to really enjoy the fall-like weather we've had recently. It's been 55 in the morning this week, which feels absolutely glorious when I am biking to work. I love so many things about fall - leaves turning, the smell in the air, PSLs, fall races, Julia Child Night, and Thanksgiving!!

Marlys said...

38I love early fall, too, but do not like the season that follows! The only good thing about that season is that we don't have to mow lawn! But I do love the pumpkin spice creamer you mentioned and the foods of fall, namely squash, soups, stews and apple recipes, to name a few!