Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Round 2, with a new goal!

I call this phase "Round 2". I survived Ryan being gone for 6 weeks during his AMS (Academy of Military Science....aka Officer School....aka Pinning on the Butter Bars). It was the longest we've ever been apart since we met back in 2007. He came home for 1 crazy week (it really was a crazy stressful week). And then packed up and left for Colorado for his first round of Pilot training. Which will be 6, 7, or 8 weeks (still to be determined...)

As I look back on the 1st 6 weeks, it went really fast! But I kind of planned it that way. In fact, I over booked myself with craziness. I worked tons of overtime. I taught fitness classes. I trained for my Ragnar race. Any day off I had -- I planned some sort of social event.

By then end of it all, I was exhausted!!

Now it's Round 2. It came so fast (he wasn't supposed to leave until April 4, but that changed.) And several things are different this time around........
  1. I quit being a fitness instructor. I know, that fad was short lived huh? Why did I quit? Because I was allowed absolutely zero creativity. Every single movement in my class had to be to the 8th count of what "Les Mills" says. It's a great program, but if I'm going to put hours into teaching something, I want to feel like I had a part in creating it. So onto new fitness adventures I go!
  2.  My job is currently putting a cut on all overtime. So instead of working 50-60 hours a week, I am working the normal 3 12-hour-shifts. It's going to be really hard for me. Not financially, but mentally. I am NOT used to having 4 days off a week! It is freaky. But I'm working every weekend, so won't really have a social life until May 18. (*insert bitterness here*)
So now I need to find a new focus with this recent influx of free time. Because my house gets freaky quiet with Ryan gone. Besides searching for an additional job, training for a triathlon, and starting my summer garden......And I have come up with a new "goal"

Every day that I don't work, I must have some sort of adventure! What quantifies "adventure" in this new feat?
  • Trying something new
  • Hiking new lands
  • Running new paths
  • Building something(?!)
  • Mastering a new sport 
  • The list could go on.......
Here are a few ideas I've had so far....

  • Taking my golf clubs to the local driving range, and mastering my swing so I can impress my husband when he comes home
  • Building a headboard for our guest bedroom (Thank God for Pinterest)
  • Trying new running paths and hiking trails -- (For example, today I ran a 6 mile loop in the middle of town, and then swam at the air force base. It was refreshing to try new places)
  • Mastering my swimming stroke
  • I have a list of a few hiking trails I'd like to hit up before "rattlesnake season" arrives
  • Try some new recipes (although, that may not be quite as fun since cooking for 1 can be interesting)
Hopefully my new adventures will make the time pass before my husband returns home. I will try to blog about these adventures and share my experiences with you all! 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think that sounds like a great list of goals. I can see why you over-planned those first 6 weeks apart as there is a sense of comfort of having something to do or somewhere to be. Taking it easier during this 6-8 week stretch will be good for you!

I hope the time apart passes quickly. Just think of all the cooking as your trial run for when you have Ryan back. Or think of it as an opportunity to make whatever you want (i.e. meatless meals). I'll recommend one for you to start off with - http://ohsheglows.com/2011/01/31/15-minute-creamy-avocado-pasta/

The sauce doesn't get cooked as it's avocado and some other things so it's easy and it's great for a hot day where you don't want multiple pots cooking away!

Marlys said...

Great plans, Abby! Four days off can be overwhelming but there is really so much one could do! I would take a quilting class and start making quilts out of denim jeans! I have been saving them for several years as that is something I want to do when I retire! That recipe that Lisa sent sounds so delicious! I love all things avocado! After Easter you will have two weeks under your belt, so to say, and they were or will be great weeks! Can't wait to see you on Friday!