Friday, April 12, 2013



[kuhm-fert] Show IPA
verb (used with object)
to soothe, console, or reassure; bring cheer to: They tried to comfort her after her loss.
to make physically comfortable
Comfort is a profound part of our well-being. Essentially, I spend about 40 hours a week helping people to reach "comfort". Somtime's they are unconscious and unresponsive, and so we use medications to prevent anxiety (because we even feel discomfort in the deepest of comas). There are days where I could give all the medications, pillows, hot tea, and hot-packs...and they won't feel "comfortable" because their state of discomfort is emotional or a mental illness. 

When we complain or are unhappy with current conditions , it is usually due to a lack of comfort. "Too cold". "Smoldering hot". "Tired". "Anxious". "Hungry". "Stuffed". "Lonely". "Overwhelmed". "Helpless". "Lost". 

I have to admit I live quite the "comfortable" life. 
#1 - I am healthy. I breath without difficulty. I walk without pain. These gifts we take for granted, but they are incredible blessings
#2 - I am blessed with family. I have a loving husband, parents, siblings, in-laws, relatives -- who love and care about me.
#3 - I love my home, my neighborhood, my back yard, my warm comfortable bed, my community, my friends, my support network, my job, my coworkers who are seriously like family to me.
 Now to lighten things up - I will touch on enhancing comfort. We all have our days.(Right?!?!) At least I think we do. I know I have my "days".  Those days where maybe you just feel "off", maybe a little fragile. Don't say anything harsh to me on those days, for you will see this lady cry. All the exercise and fresh air in the world couldn't burn this feeling off. I know I'm blessed beyond words. But, maybe I'm feeling a little "down-in-the-dumps".

How do you conquer these days? Do you have a network of people you can just "go to" to cheer you up? Do you have hobbies that uplift you? My remedy today was a fresh air., laughter, and peace. I went for a run and a long bike ride (I'm triathlon training, so I have to double up on the sports). I had lunch with a friend. And I got my quiet time. 

I took a trip to the grocery store, and said, "I'm going to buy some comfort food for this quiet evening int." In my mind, I expected to walk out of the store with oreo cookies and a 6-pack of IPA (Indian Pale Ale beer). I didn't think about lists or calories. I got what looked good. And here is what I walked out with.

-Good coffee beans to get me going for work tomorrow morning (Sumatra..mmmm...dark)
-A bottle of Savignon Blanc
-Artichoke hearts
-Pickled Beets

In reality, I'm envious of my friends who are spending their evenings on dates with their significant others. However, I'm making the best out of it! I will enjoy a chilled glass of Sav Blanc, and those pickled beets are going to go damn good with my basil (fresh from my herb garden) and mozzy cheese...drizzled with balsalmic vinegar. A good book and some insense.....and I will reach "comfort". 

What brings you comfort?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Great post, Abby. I am glad you are finding things that are bringing you comfort during this time spent away from Ryan.

I need to look for sources of comfort right now. It's a bit of a struggle as my schedule is so ridiculous right now between work, studying, and settling in that I am having a hard time finding time for myself but that will change soon. For now I am finding comfort in feeling the sunshine on me during my walks to and from work and in the 10-20 minutes I spend reading at the end of the day.

Marlys said...

I am glad you are finding "de-stressing" things to brighten your days! Having down time is so important! You are bound to feel down while Ryan is away, and keeping busy is key, and spending time with friends is great, but in the end, nothing replaces that special person you miss so much! I am glad the time is half over now, but still some time to fill up! May it pass quickly!