Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Looking Forward

I am in a severe moment of "looking forward". This short term phase I am in (short term meaning 1-2 weeks) is not the best time ever. I really can't complain, I have nothing valid to complain about. So we will just say that I am super ready for my husband to return to my all-too-empty home. I am ready to stop working every weekend - as that work schedule is incredibly socially isolating.The past week, every time I talk to my husband on the phone -- I start crying. And I am not a crier -- so this is weird.


So let me tell you what is keeping me going these days!

  • In 1 week and 2 days Ryan will be HOME!!!!! I cannot believe how much I am ready for his return. The 1st 6 weeks he was gone, time flew!! As it was something new. Now I am starting to feel like the creepy, old, lonely lady who talks to her plants.

  • This Sunday I am participating in my 1st Triathlon! Not only is it any old triathlon -- but it includes an open-water swim. This totally freaks me out. The swim is not in a nice Minnesota Lake (which I'm used to). It's in "Tempe Beach Park" in Phoenix. I'm sure I'll grow a 3rd arm after swimming 1/2 mile in it, but that's okay. It's worth the adrenaline rush of the race. Saturday I'm heading up with 4 other girls, and we plan on doing some shopping and Cinco de Mayo celebrating - and then race is Sunday! 

  • In about 1 1/2 months, we are getting out of this town!!!!!! (As long as Ryan passes his check ride next week, and the USAF cuts his orders promptly) We will be moving to San Antonio, Texas from June - September. Ryan will be in pilot school, and I will be taking a Travel Nursing Assignment in one of the ER's in town. Words don't explain how ready I am for something new, for so many different reasons that I won't get into. Also, I'm excited to get to join my husband on this journey! I am so excited San Antonio has actual bodies of water (unlike the dried up "washes" like Tucson).


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

This has seemed like a particularly long stretch of being apart so I can't imagine how it's been for you - especially after being apart for 6 weeks before this absence. I am glad your time apart is coming to an end and that you can join him in San Antonio! I have heard good things about that city. The Riverwalk area is supposed to be cute/fun and I saw great pictures of their botanical gardens so you will have to check it out. And you are close to Austin! And there are great outlets really close, too!

Good luck at your tri this weekend!!

Marlys said...

Good luck in the TRI! I am excited to hear how it goes and I hope the lake you swim in isn't too gross! We are so spoiled with our clear water lakes here in MN! I hope you don't hav any trouble unclicking your pedal shoes, and that it isn't too hot when you run! And we are pumped that your time apart from Ryan is coming to an end! WAHOO!!!