Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nourished Soul

My soul is feeling very nourished right now. I had the Easter weekend off, originally because Ryan was supposed to be home during this time. But because he is in pilot school - I decided I was in dire need of some family time. So booked a last-minute trip to Minnesota to be with my family over Easter.

It was exactly what I needed. Getting to spend time with my nephews, finally meet my niece Anna, catch up with my siblings, and of course spend time with my Mom and Dad gave me so much joy. I also got to see my Grandma! If only flying was cheaper.......I wish I could do this on a monthly basis.

So last week I talked about diving into new adventures to make these 6 weeks go faster. Here is what I accomplished week 1:

  • I dove "head-first" into triathlon training. (Literally. Ha!) Bike, Swim, Run, Repeat is in progress.
  • I took a trip home to Minnesota - spent time with the family, laughed a lot, and smiled endlessly
  • I braved a run in the cold, wintery fog Saturday morning on Battle Lake, MN. The visibility was 50 yds (that was my estimate anyways). It felt strange running next to snow, when it's been in the 80-90's in Tucson.
  • The road bike went on it's maiden voyage. Luckily, my friend Kristy had her husband adjust my bike and air the up the tires -- and she was very patient with me while I learned the feel of riding on (what feels like) a toothpick! 
  • I learned how to work the pool pump (by accident, with discovery of some issues). But I said I wanted to learn something new! :)
  • I swam with the sunrise this morning, accompanied by 2 friends I ran the Ragnar race with. It was the neatest site to start a swim in the dark, come up for a break, and see the sun peaking over the mountains! Swimming might be my new favorite thing!!
  • I'm trying a new recipe tonight -- Cauliflower Curry Soup. Recipe to come....
  • I took a small new challenge at work, and was the triage nurse for the 1st time yesterday. It's refreshing to work different parts of your brain sometimes. Even in a place as unstable as an ER -- you can feel then desire for "something new".
Hope everyone's April is off to a beautiful start! 


Marlys said...

That is a lot of new and exciting things to do, minus the pool pump experience but now you know you can do it! It was wonderful having you join us for Easter weekend - couldn't have been more perfect except for the weather!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you have had a lot of moments lately that are nourishing your soul! It was great to be home for Easter and have everyone together. I wish that would happen more often but I guess it makes us appreciate the time we do have together!

I am really curious about that cauliflower curry soup recipe! Definitely share it!