Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Greetings from San Antonio!

We made it! Our 2 day drive went considerably smoothly. I'm actually quite impressed how well I did with 14 hours of driving. (I don't do well sitting).

A word from the wise to anyone who may ever take a cross country trip across I-10? DO NOT STOP IN STOCKTON, TX. Although it was conveniently located on the 10, and had a decent selection of hotels......it made me worry about the state of Texas. Finding a place to eat was, well, a challenge.

I could actually do a rant on our eating experience in Fort Stockton, Texas. But I'll hold my breath. But to give you a little vision....close your eyes, picture flies, food workers touching food with bare hands, and smelliness. Okay, there you have it!

Also, another tip! Be aware of the level of your gas tank while traveling through western Texas on a Sunday. It took 3 attempts to find an open gas station. It's Sunday, y'all. There's no place you should be on Sunday, except in the Lord's house! Mercy!

We had a challenge finding a gas station. 2 of the gas stations had cardboard signs on the door stating "closed Sunday". And the pumps didn't have credit card machines. What?!?! How else would you pay for anything except with a plastic card, says the child of the 90's ;) 

Only kidding. 

So here we are! This is an experience like I've never had. Not only am I many miles away from "home", but I'm living on a military base for the 1st time in my life. Also, not only am I living on a military base, but we are living in a hotel!

I am very comfortable that we are living on base. I feel very safe, and it's nice that everything you really need is there. I love having access to a nice gym and running track.

It's fun watching Ryan run off to class everything morning in his handsome military blues or his flight suit. I have to share a quick photo (he'd be so embarrassed that I'm doing this) -- but I find him too handsome not to share.

Last night we went out to dinner with a few of Ryan's classmates and one of the other spouses that is tagging along (like me) -- and it was fun to meet this group of people! It was a very fun night, which was a great prelude to knowing that it's going to a be a fun summer! Here's a picture of Ryan and I by the riverwalk.

Stay tuned and tomorrow I will give you the run-down on "Hotel Living 101" ;)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you guys made it! 14 hours in a car sounds horrid to me! My max these days is about 4.5 hours it seems. I don't travel well in the car!! I remember Heidi not being super impressed w/ West Texas either... sounds like it take a special breed of people to live out there! I am glad you are getting settled in and feel safe where you are living. Will you be in a hotel the whole time??? If so, mad prompts to you because I know you will be way more industrious than I would when it comes to meal prep in a kitchen-less hotel!

Marlys said...

Western Texas sounds like the western part of another state I know! Hmmmm! I'm glad you'all didn't run out of gas before you found an open station! Sounds like you had an enjoyable evening meeting some people and I look forward to your recount of living in a Hotel for 3 months! And the picture of Ryan is indeed handsome!