Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Incoming Excitement

Right now life has a different rhythm.

I receive a phone call every morning and 4:30 am telling me if and where I will be working. When my phone rings, the apprehension of whether I'll be having the day off, commuting 15 minutes, or commuting 45 minutes hangs in the air. This is not a normal thing for me. Hi, meet crazy planner girl who has multiple color coded planners and whiteboards on the fridge. I plan ahead on meals, workouts, outfits, and everything else one could fathom.

Not knowing when my three 12-hour shifts will be worked makes life interesting.

In addition to that, our days off together (which are on the weekend) have a different rhythm as well. The most blissful moments we get are the early morning when we out for a run. It's that hour where he's not stressing about his next test, the emergency procedures of the T6 aircraft, or his next flight. We just run. And sweat. A lot. Hello, 95% humidity!

We then head to the nearest coffee shop where Ryan studies and I read, write, and find other things to keep me occupied. Pinterest usually wins. :-) Although the studying gets old, and ever Starbucks coffee gets old, it's still cherishable moments.

There are many fun and exciting things in Texas to see, but that has to be put on hold. He is here for his pilot school and I chose to come here to be his #1 fan/cheerleader/quizzer/breakfast cooker/laundry do-er. ;) Aka...trophy wife.

I refer to life being a different "rhythm", because it's not a bad thing. I wouldn't say this is a "bad phase". It's not the most exciting phase of our lives either. However, I know this will be a time we someday will look back at and smile about. We live in a horrific, dark hotel room at the Air Force Inn - I cook on a one-burner hot plate. Life is just different.

Here are a few things that I look forward to really keep time flying!

  • In 2 weeks, Ryan's "academia" portion of this school will be complete. Meaning he will only have to focus on flying and flight preparation. This will free up many hours on weekends to do fun things like visit Austin, paddleboard at Canyon Lake, maybe ride a roller coaster @ Six Flags....I look forward to this.
  • Next week we celebrate our 4 year Anniversary! I've been promised a date -- and I so look forward to that. I cannot believe how fast 4 years passed.
  • Starting September 1, we will begin training the Phoenix Rock 'N' Roll Marathon. As sick as this sounds, I look forward to those mind-boggling 20-mile training runs that make me want to place needles in my eyes. ;)
  • In October, Ryan will have his official Wing-Pinning Ceremony. I am super pumped to attend this!
  • And after that ceremony, I will remove all my clothes from the kitchen pantry (haha!) and we will pack up the hotel room and head HOME to Tucson!
  • Mid October, I am going to Myrtle Beach with my sisters, sister-in-laws, and Mom. We have talked and dreamt about this trip for years, and I am so happy that it's finally coming together! These women are the most important women in my life -- so this brings me great excitement!
  • November, we will most likely be going to an Air Force base near LA for 5 months for Ryan's last school. I'm already starting the lovely job search process -- and this time we will get to live in an apartment. (Woo Hoo! A stove!!!) Keeping a positive outlook, and looking forward to this.
  • Also in November, we are doing Ragnar with a group of my amazing friends! This time we added a few spouses to the group. Although Ragnar (200 miles, 12 people, 30 hours) is exhausting and crazy, I look foward to that craziness!
What are you looking forward to? Have you had phases in your life that had a peculiar "rhythm"?


Amber said...

LOVE your positivity despite going through a tough phase in your life right now! It will all be worth it in the end and it sounds like you have a lot to look forward to!

Marlys said...

Wow, you have a full plate for the next eight months or so! It was fun reading your blog and to hear your positive attitude about this whole ordeal, but you are together and that is so important! I, too, am super excited to go to Myrtle Beach with all my girls! It will be so great to reconnect and I am sure we will do lots of visiting and wine sipping! Keep Cool!