Saturday, December 14, 2013

Signs that our blood has thinned....

As the Christmas holiday & winter season approaches, it brings back memories of Christmases past. And as I look back, it dawns on me how "weak" we've become.

1) About 7 years ago, I remember going for a run with my friend Marissa one night in December. It was -15 degrees out. We bundled up, and went running without question regarding the weather.
  • Last weekend I went for a run in 31 degrees (granted, it was an 2 1/2 hr 18 mile run)....but it wiped me out so cold that my entire afternoon was spent wrapped up in blankets with a fever!

2) Growing up, it was a yearly tradition to assist my Mom and Dad in hanging the Christmas lights. (one of my favorite traditions, in fact) We'd bundle up in snowmobile suits, warm hats and gloves, hefty water-proof boots...and hang lights all day sometimes in sub-zero temps!
  • Last weekend, Ryan & I opted to wait a few days to hang the lights. It was just too cold. It was 50 degrees F out. The next day, Ryan had taken a PTO day from work to get some stuff done around the house before he leaves for his next school. I came home to find him on the roof bundled up in multiple layers, hats, and gloves. It was 55 degrees out.
  • I used to don shorts and tshirts when the temps hit the 50's back when we lived in up ND!
3) Looking back at photos of Christmases past over the past 5 years that we've been in AZ, it is funny watching the trend. Our first Christmas, we were in shorts and tshirts year round. I didn't even own a winter coat any more. Now? I sport my light winter coat, sweaters, jeans, boots, and sometimes I even wear gloves at night! It does get to the 40's, you know. ;)

It's really amazing how your body adjusts over the years, as you acclimate to a new climate! I have to say I really do love our desert climate. I love that I got to clean my oven in December with all the windows open. Oh, and I planted a new basil plant in my herb garden yesterday too. But it does make it a tricky to get into the Christmas spirit. It takes more energy and hype to really "feel the season" when you're listening to Christmas music in the backyard and grilling steaks.....

But I'm okay with it!


Barb Geier said...

We do laugh at how people bundle up down there for what we consider balmy weather. On Thursday, we both remarked how nice it was outside. It was 17 degrees. Felt so warm. We've been in the deep freeze. I've had my fill of winter. I'm ready to get to Florida and start my basil plants!!! We leave right after Christmas.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, I do find it funny that you thought 50 was cold! I have not adapted to the southern definition of cold but I have only been here for one year. I can see how over several years your perception of cold will change. I get super annoyed listening to the news, like this morning the weatherman said "oh boy, it's a really cold morning out there as it's 29 degrees - bundle up" which just made me roll my eyes! I guess my annoyance with the south is that it seems like they are only comfortable with 75 to 90 degree weather - anything above 90 is SO HOT and below 75 is cold... which is just odd to me!

But hey, you've got to adapt to where you live, and Tucson is where you call home so I can see why you have adopted their definition of cold!

Marlys said...

I have to laugh picturing Ryan bundled up in 55 degree temps! We would be doing it in a sweatshirt! Today it is supposed to get to 30 degrees and I know we will see people without jackets! We even had a man come in one day when it was sub zero wearing only a t-shirt! And Paul had to load something into his vehicle and he helped without even putting on a coat! CRAZY!!
We put up some garland and lights yesterday at the lake and it was 6 degrees and we thought it was pretty nice out!
I think I could adapt to warmer weather quite easily!