Monday, December 9, 2013

What I've been cooking lately.....

I haven't done any recipe posts lately. Well, I haven't done much posting lately...period. I thought I'd share a few of the things that have been created in our kitchen lately! I've definitely been changing things up lately.

#1 Whole Chickens.....
I am temporarily boycotting buying chicken breasts! $2.99/lb is assinine for chicken, in my opinion. Especially since Ryan and I eat so much chicken. (Probably 4 nights a week). One Saturday night to impress Ryan, I roasted a chicken...and realized it's not that intimidating! Now we buy whole chickens, butcher them up during the weekend, wrap them in plastic bags, and cook them. Does it take more work? Yes. But $0.99/lb compared to $2.99/lb? Makes a difference. I'll take a little dark meat for that price comparison!

#2 I've been NUTs for butterNUT Squash!
  • I've been making tons of butternut squash soup. So hearty and good for you! Apples, onions, squash, cider, and broth all pureed together is quite the medley! Leftovers are great for lunch!
  • Also have made a butternut squash salad (squash, arugula, cranberries, walnuts, & a simple vinagerette)
  • One night I even tried butternut squash baked fries! So yummy! Great comfort food! But challenging to cut!
#3 Tons of baking!
  • I absolutely adore this time of year, as I love baking! However, not much stays in my household...or else I'd be rolling 18 miles instead of running 18 miles for my training (imagine Veruca Salt...giant blueberry....Willy Wonka...You get the picture!) So most of my baked goods get sent with Ryan to work!
  • I recently made these Reese PB Cup cookies, that you made in mini muffin tins. They are the most adorable cookies ever! Also have made ginger snaps, lots of pumpkin bread, and kiss cookies (aka peanut butter blossoms).
#4 What's next in my kitchen?
  • This week I plan on starting to take creative spins on grilled cheese sandwiches. My 1st will be a caprese sandwich (mozzarella, fresh basil, tomatoes) - I think I'll spread a little hummus on it too. Pesto would be better...but I don't have any on hand!
What have you been cooking lately?


Marlys said...

That is impressive! I have not started baking yet, but have to make something for church baskets that we give out each year so will start in earnest this week, and plan to bake and make candy this weekend! I try to make homemade soups on weekends, but last weekend was so busy I didn't get any made! I love me some homemade soup!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum! You have been making a lot of great things lately! I have never roasted a chicken but it's something I would like to try to do.

I have been gone so much, I have not been cooking much. But when I am around, I have been making a lot of vegetarian dishes, like a cauliflower soup, butternut squash enchiladas, and a lentil dish called Rogan Josh. Meat is so pricey and I don't feel like it's worth the money spent when I am cooking for one so I have really not been eating it a lot lately...