Saturday, January 11, 2014

Marathon Madness - final stretch

I've got a little over 1 week until race day! Going to be honest and say I'm ready for it to be over with. Also very excited for the race....however...

I'm not feeling so confident! Most marathon runners hit this point in their training, and feel confident. They take a sigh of relief during taper! They've trained hard, they've done their strenuous (and arduous long runs), and now they rest. This is the time where they feel utterly exhausted, hungry, sleepy, and ready to race.

I feel none of this.

I was behind about 3-4 weeks on getting my training started due to a foot injury. Then when I finally resumed my training, I was extra-cautious! I was so afraid of re-injuring that foot. Most weeks I only got 3 runs in per week. Some weeks I only ran twice. My other days were spent cross training in the gym. Long runs were ran kind of slow (which is okay, per most experts).

Then I started having breathing problems. Foot was better, but couldn't take a deep breath.

The breathing issues got under control (probably just a little weather-induced asthma), and then I got a nasty chest cold.

I did several 12 milers, 2 14 milers, a 16, an 18, and the big 20 miler. Here's to praying that was enough!

Maybe my body was protecting me - and keeping me from pushing too hard. As sometimes I'm guilty of over-training. My training partners are making me feel a little inadequate right now. As they are all celebrating that they will be in Corral 1 - and will all be running sub 7:40 paces. Maybe if I hadn't gotten injured, I'd be with them.

Instead of comparing myself to others, I'm just going to get out there and run this race! I'm going to enjoy all the bands (Rock N Roll marathons have bands almost ever mile, I believe/). A smile will be on my face, and I'm just going to be thankful I get to run!

My goal is to do it in 3:50 - but I'm not going to injure myself to get that time. What I really want is a sub-4 hour race. We shall see! I'm just excited for the experience! Mostly, I'm just looking forward to having fun.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think you will do better than you think you will! I only did 3 training runs a week when I trained for my last marathon as that is how my club approaches training we have some BQ'rs in the group, so you can still be fast and run 3 times a week! I think you were smart to listen to your body and adjust your training appropriately. I hope you have a great race day experience, but whatever happens out there it's a huge accomplishment! I went into the DSM feeling a bit underprepared as I got bronchitis the month before the marathon and had to miss one of my long runs, but it all came together. I didn't hit my goal, but I am proud of the race I ran, and hopefully you will be able to say the same! I'll be thinking of you that morning!!

Marlys said...

With all the issues you've had, and also training in San Antonia humidity, I think you've done extremely well. I, too, am glad you are listening to your body - that is paramount! Good luck and hope your breathing is lots better by now!