Sunday, February 23, 2014

Impromptu Vacation - Keystone, CO

In my 5 years of being married to my husband, I don't think we've ever planned a trip out in advance. And it seems to work out well. In fact, it amazes me how skilled we are at pulling off an epic vacation in the matter of 1-2 weeks!

So 6 days prior to the trip, I got a text from my husband asking if I could get Valentine's Day off (which is a Friday). Luckily, I have a very cool boss - who is flexible.

He wasn't inquiring on a lovers' getaway, but a weekend of extreme sports in the snowy mountains! (Which is actually more appealing to me, anyways!)

Getting to Keystone, CO was the hardest part. I drove from Tucson to Alamogordo, NM Thursday after work. Stayed w/ my husband Thursday night, and then we hit the road after he finished his flight Friday. It was a 9 hr drive from NM. Ended up being 12 hours, however, due to a snow storm & a horrific accident!

I think I will save my review of "snowboarding" for another post . As it's quite a story. Let's just say...the "Red Cross People" advised I take the Gondola and ski lift back down to the lodge, when I had kicked my snowboard and was marching down the mountain......

Sometimes I get a little "hot".

Here are highlights of the trip:

  • Taking a road trip through NM & CO with my husband. Being we live in different states right was the biggest treat in the world to be stuck in a car with him for 12 hours to catch up on life....
  • We stayed in a beautiful home in a place called "Keystone Sancutary". It was seriously my dream house. It comfortably sleeps 10. It slept 14 of us (with air mattresses and couches).
  • Day 1 was my 1st attempt at any winter sport. I took the ski lift 3 miles to the top of the mountain with my snowboard. It was interesting.
  • We had a very full day - as we were on the slopes from about 10 am - 8 pm. I fell about 75 times. I maybe got 1 run in. I gave up by 3:30 and went to the bar.
  • The snow was incredible!
  • Saturday night we ordered pizza, hot tubbed, and taught Ryan's 4 classmates from Italy how to play games like beer-pong. Well, I spectated. I'm really glad we gave them such a rich taste of our culture *insert sarcastic expression*
  • Sunday it was back to the slopes! Being I gave up on snowboarding, had such a strained neck that I couldn't swallow, and my husband had a broken rib........we decided to opt out from the group and go cross-country skiing.
  • It was the best idea EVER. We trekked for hours through the countryside of Keystone. I definitely found my winter sport!
  • We spent a good hour soaking our sore bodies in the hot tub, and headed out for dinner.
  • Went to a steakhouse with 5 of Ryan's friends- and had a night to remember! It was so funny listening to the Italians' experiences of learning English, landing in Alamogordo, NM, and many more stories.
  • Monday - Ryan & I had a long trip back. 10 hours to NM. And I have 5 hours to Tucson. I got home at 1 am, and slept like I never have before!
Here are a few snapshots of the weekend. I must say...I fell in love with Colorado. Snow, but mild temps. Mountains. Precipitation. (I'm feeling overly dry with our current drought in AZ). It is such a breath-taking part of our country!!

This was us @ the top of the summit - where we had 3 miles to go down the mountain. I'm smiling here because I have no idea what pain I'm about to go through.....

I have a much more genuine smile on cross-country-skiing day :)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your experience snow boarding reminds me of my first time skiing. I had a really awful experience and while I did go back and tackle that run again (after taking some lessons) I don't think skiing is an experience I need to have again! I think I'd feel differently if I had learned at an earlier age! It's tough to learn!

I am glad you guys had a great getaway, though. I love Colorado. Their snow is so different since it's so dry there, so the 'powder' consistency of snow is cool and not something we see a lot of in the Midwest. X-country skiing and snow shoeing were my favorite winter sports to do out here (and far less expensive than downhill skiing!). I am glad you had a good get away and I am super impressed that you manage to plan your awesome vacations sort of last minute!

Marlys said...

It sounds like you had a busy but fun weekend in Colorado! I have never been there but it sounds like a perfect place to hang out, especially in the winter! I'm glad you found a winter sport you can enjoy and it can even be done in North Dakota!