Friday, March 21, 2014

This weeks headliners

I'm am really trying to get more consistent about blogging, as it is something I really enjoy. But my problem is I often will write an entire post, and then delete it -- out of insecurity. I have been thinking of doing a "weekly top 10" -- but I worry there will be weeks where I won't find 10 things to write about. ;)So here are my weekly headliners!

What defined my week......

  • Monday I planned on driving home from New Mexico in the morning to get home in time to do some housework, laundry, and prepare for the week ahead. During my run that morning (while Ryan was at his flight) I thought - why not stay? I don't really need to get back early. Best decision ever! I cleaned his hotel room, make him protein balls, read, blogged, made him lunch - and surprised him when he came home at 1 pm! I only actually got about 30 more minutes with him...but it was totally worth it!
  • My hospital went into a "Code White" this week. Code White means the hospital is at max capacity, the ER is full, and there were 29 surgeries that needed to be placed in beds. Code White is a poised way for the hospital administration to let everything know that "We're Screwed!!! Let's work really hard!". I got asked to step down from my case management position, don my scrubs, and work in the ER! And that I did. In fact, they put me as the triage nurse -- which really used a part of my brain I have neglected lately. It was really good for me. It also made my appreciate my new job.....I don't miss getting yelled at for putting people in the waiting room.
  • I had the most beautiful runs this week! The sun is coming up earlier - so my 0500 runs are no longer in total darkness. My running partners and I all stopped simultaneously Thursday morning when we could see daylight, and just sat in silence looking around, smiled, and then kept going. It was one of those defining moments where we all were thinking, "Our world is so beautiful....."
  • I am actually following March Madness this year. Kind of. I don't really follow sports. At all. But living in a town where you have a team that picked to lead the brackets - it's hard not to get excited! Go Wildcats!
  • I became obsessed with arugula this week. It happened to be on sale. I bought a big bag. Now I'm in love with it. Where have you been all my life, arugula? Yum! You are so good with eggs. And balsalmic. And salad. And well, everything.
  • Tomorrow (Saturday) I do my annual BIG TIME spring cleaning. Base boards, fan blades, walls, window sills, windows .... it all gets done. I'm looking forward to it!
Where were your weeks headliners? Do you do a big spring cleaning? Or do you just incorporate those jobs throughout the year. I never used to....but the past 2 years I have started doing this.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That was nice of you to help out in the ER this week. And it's good to have a day like that which reminds you that your current job is a much better fit.

This week was another stressful one for me. I don't see that stress going away anytime soon so I guess I will just have to accept it for now. I'm totally over so many things (job searching, living in Charlotte, talking about why I don't like Charlotte) but hopefully this chapter comes to a close somewhat soon.

To answer your question about spring cleaning, the answer is never... I know, I am the black sheep of cleaning in our family. I do the usual chores of vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the kitchen/bathroom, but I don't really ever do a deep clean of mopboards and such. Maybe if I owned my place I would feel differently...

Marlys said...

I can't wait for it to warm up so I can open the windows and do some deep cleaning! I love a squeaky clean house!
That picture you posted the morning of your run was absolutely beautiful! I'm glad you stopped to "smell the roses" and took in the beauty of God's creation!
I have eaten arugula and have found it tasty, too. So you use it in scrambled eggs like spinach? I will have to try that sometime. I know that it is used a lot on Food Network shows, so must be good!
Does it have lemony flavor? I think that is what I have heard, anyway.
Have a great week!