Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Holy Moly Mud Run 10K: Facing my fears

You may not know this about me (or believe this about me) - but I am a big-time "scaredy cat".

I don't do diving boards, I don't do heights, ever sports stadiums make me a little weary.....

I never climb anything. I'm too scared of falling.

So I'm not really sure what I was thinking signing up for an obstacle run. Especially the 10K, where I have to do it twice.

12 foot walls had to be climbed up and jumped down from 24 times.
We had to climb a 30 foot wall using ropes.
There was this rope-net that was 20 feet above the ground that we had to spider climb across.
We had to climb this other "rope" ladder thing about 20 feet into the air....and then slide down a pole.
We army crawled through tunnels under roads (that had fake snakes in them)
We army crawled through mud, mud, and more mud....

The only obstacle I couldn't do was crossing monkey bars. My hands were too wet, and I kept slipping. And lets just be honest...I can't cross monkey bars.

Never could. Even has a child.

But I did it! I ran it with 2 girls from my Desert Tri Girl group...and we wanted to take the top 3 for women's. And I couldn't let them down. So I pressed on!


I had a blast! It was kind of empowering to face my fear of heights and falling. Also this race was a huge step out of my comfort zone. I don't like getting dirty.

Another bonus? My husband & I won $75! He took 1st in the 5K overall! (stud)

Some interesting wounds were obtained from this race. Bruises, scrapes, cuts, ear infections..... good battle wounds, right?

My 2 training partners and I crossed the finish line in a pyramid - because none of us wanted to be 1st, 2nd, 3rd. So we crossed as one!

Here are a few photos!

Here's a "clean" photo of me! 
We paused to pose for the camera! Totally worth it!
This slide was right before the finish line. You had to climb a wall, swim across any icy pool of mud, and then slide down into a pit of mud. The slide gave me quite the abrasion to my bottom side. Very painful!
And the results of the slide! Can you see the pain I am feeling? (I'm on the far right)
And, finally, the happy, muddy couple. Christmas card picture? My mother would be so proud of the lady she raised. Right, Mom? ;)
This was just crazy silly fun! I never thought I'd like it. It just reminded me that stepping out of your comfort zone is almost always a good thing! Have you stepped out of your comfort zone lately in an aspect of your life? Faced some fears? Didn't it feel good? (after the fact)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you had so much fun doing this race as I know you were apprehensive going into it. Even though I read about how much fun you had, this is still a category of races that I am going to leave to you because I am a wimp so wouldn't be able to do those obstacles and I seriously seriously seriously couldn't handle being covered in mud!!

Something scary that I did many years ago was go bungee jumping. I was terrified to do this but am so glad I did as it was an awesome experience and I would totally do it again.

Marlys said...

Just the thought of you crawling in mud makes me nauseated but it looks like you had a great time, and I am amazed that you could do that obstacle course! I'm glad you had fun and hope the $75.00 win helped toward your medical bill! Ha ha! Should this be your Christmas picture? Well, maybe in a collage of pictures for the year? You are one crazy girl!

Emilie said...

Facing fears is so empowering! I feel like a scaredy cat a lot - you're not alone! Way to go. I honestly can't even think of the last time I purposely went out of my way to conquer a fear of mine. You've inspired me to do so!