Monday, April 14, 2014

Last week's "Headliners"

I'm going to be honest and say I wasn't exactly a "ball of fire" last week. I've hit the point of just being beyond ready for Ryan to come home. We are halfway through this 4 week period of not seeing each other. Although throughout all this 18 months of training, we've gone much longer than 4 weeks without seeing each other - this time around it's harder. I've hit the crabby point.

I feel bad, as many of the people I saw this week probably thought I was a bore to be around - as I just don't have much to say about anything.

#wahwahwah #woeisme #Ireallyhavenothingcomplainabout

So as I'm preparing to start my work week, on this terribly windy Monday morning - I am going in with a new and positive attitude!

So here's the headliners for last week:
  • I think I am finally about "wrapped up" on my Spring cleaning. My "to do list" was rather overwhelming. There is nothing more therapeutic to me that throwing sh%t away!
  • I biked almost 100 miles this week! Every ride was either with the sunrise or sunset - which is so rewarding. Really starting to feel comfortable and "one with the bike".
  • My Saturday morning trail run was a major highlight of my week. The 1st 2 miles was straight up a mountain. It was a horrific challenge, but the view from the top made it all worth it. (Oh, and I also fell 3 times...)
  • I had a happy hour date with a girlfriend Friday night, which turned into 4 hours of us just catching up on life. It was relaxing and exactly what I needed.
  • Last night I went over to my in-laws' for dinner. My step-mother-in-law treated me to a bikram yoga class, which was really great. It was really nice to have dinner with family. Perfect end to a blah week.
What were your weeks headliners? I apologize for my negative attitude. I'm happy to greet a new week!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad your time apart is coming to an end but I get home it's almost harder now that it's almost over because even a couple more weeks is too long to to without seeing your husband. I have gotten the same way with my Charlotte more. People are like 'oh that went fast' or make comments about how I made it to my year mark and that is a big accomplishment but I want to be HHHOOOOMMMEEE!

Last week was a complete blur for me. I am so tired today but am trying to push through. I think the exhaustion could be solved by getting some good news so pray that is the case this week!!

Marlys said...

I can understand why you feel "down in the dumps" and I am so glad that it will soon be over! It sounds like you had some fun in spite of everything! We are super excited to see you this weekend and wish we could stay longer, but you will be excited to get ready for Ryan's return and that is good!