Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Summer "To Do" List

I adore Summer.
Summer = fun
Summer = sunshine
Summer = playful
Summer = happy
Okay, in all honesty, summer = blistering, freaking hot in the Sonoran desert. But, I like to focus on the positive.
Here is my list of things I'm planning on checking off my list this summer:
  • Perfecting my white sangria recipe. And then posting it on here.
  • Eating lots and lots of watermelon
  • Keeping "Holly" my tomato plant alive all summer long (I've named her "Holly", since she was "conceived" while Ryan was at Holloman Air Force Base. Yes, I name my plants.)
  • Spending hot summer nights cooling off in the pool
  • Goal: Tread water for 30 minutes!
  • Another goal: Swim 3 miles. (I'm currently at 1.75 miles. I've got this! I technically have until October, since our summer lasts 6 months!)
  • Join a "Produce Share" group, and learn how to cook some new vegetables! (We just enrolled in Sunizona Family Farms and get our 1st basket next Tuesday night!!)
  • Keep running all summer long! In the past I cut back in the summers in AZ, because of the heat. But, I did a run in 100 degrees last night and survived! I've got this! (I don't have a choice...I have a Ragnar relay in Napa on September 19)
  • Wear lots of sunscreen
  • Wakeboard
  • Enjoy every second of my trip home to the lakes in August!
What's on your "to do" list for summer?


Marlys said...

I am most excited for your time at the lake! WaaHoo! But do be careful about running in that heat! I am sure you are hydrating, though!
Why is treading water so hard! It sounds easy but is most difficult!
Have a fun summer - it is my very favorite time of year, too! I love the heat, but not the humidity, which you don't have to deal with! Hope Holly produces well!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is a good list of things to do! I know summer is not the ideal time of year down in AZ so it's good to have a list of goals/things to do!

I am starting to formulate a summer bucket list and it includes things like going kayaking, paddle boarding, trying this cool mini golf course at our sculpture garden (I usually hate mini golf but this is a special event thing so I want to check it out), have a picnic, and go for long bike rides!