Friday, May 2, 2014

This week's headliners: "Currently" Edition

I'm choosing to do a "currently" post. I feel like if I try to highlight my week, this will turn into a rant.

Honesty time: This week kind of sucked.

Moving on. Currently:

Reading: The Light Between Oceans. If you haven't read this - you must! Such a good read. Conflicting.

Loving: Longer days of sunlight!! I am able to run & bike at 5 am without my I'm a happy girl! And the sun is staying out until about 7! Makes a huge difference on quality of life. That is one of the hardest parts of living here. The longest the sun stays out is 8 pm!!! Makes me miss those Midwest summers where the sun stays out until 10 pm in the summer.

Thinking: That my husband is never coming home. He was originally supposed to be home on April 25, then that got moved to April 29, then it got moved to April 30, then May 1. Now I don't think he'll be home until May 6 - but that's being super hopeful. This is getting super old. I'm ready to live together again....

Feeling: Dehydrated! Did a 9 mile trail run and a 19.5 mile bike ride with a girlfriend today. In the heat. Can't drink enough fluids at this point!!

Anticipating: A phone call from my husband saying, "I finished my check ride, I'm on my way home!!!" Fingers and toes are crossed that this happens Monday afternoon!!!

Watching: Barely any tv! My evenings have been full, and by the time I get home, cook dinner, do dishes, pack my lunch for the next day - it's time to read and go to bed!

 Sad: That Tucson is in such a horrible drought. It honestly scares me how dry we are! It's drastically effecting jobs and families across the state. I pray for heavy rains soon!

Working: Hard!! It's nearing the end of the "busy snow-bird season" here in AZ hospitals. And my week was crazy. There were several days this week where I don't think I went 10 minutes without my phone ringing. It took self control not to throw it into a wall.

Grateful: for girlfriends! They are keeping me smiling these days! I'm so blessed to have a good group of ladies in my life.

Listening: I'm in quite a "music loll". I did pull out my headphones and listened to classical guitar music on Pandora this week while @ work to block out chatter. That was pleasant.

Wishing: For calm skies, so winds don't cancel Ryan's flight Monday morning. (I know. I sound like a broken record here...)

What's currently going on in your life?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hope Ryan can come home tomorrow. This phase of our life needs to be over! It sucks that it keeps getting pushed further out and further out! Bleh. And I hope you guys get rain soon...

Currently I am trying to see and do as much here, dreaming about coming back to Asheville for a week long vacation in the next year or two, and planning/thinking about all the details of my trip home!

Marlys said...

I missed this post for some reason, but am glad I saw it! The best part is that Ryan is now home and for that I am so happy, because I know how very happy it will make you!

We are enjoying the longer days, too! It is daylight around 6 AM and stays light until around 9 PM at this point! We worked out in the yard until 8:00 last night so feels good to get some work done!

We have the opposite of draught and wish we could pass the rain on to you! We dumped 4" out of our gauge last week and now are expecting rain on & off for the next two days! The farmers are biting the bullet to get their crops in but it is too cold for anything to grow at this point! We need sunshine & heat! Wish we could swap climates for a week or two!
Hope work settles down but am sure it will as the snowbirds leave their nests! I bet the days fly by!
I'm so glad your friends have been there for you these past 16 months! That warms my heart!