Friday, August 22, 2014

Minnesota Trip #3: Happenings

I have finally reached the final post of our Minnesota trip! It only took me a week to complete this. I'm not so good at blogging consistently.

I've broke these posts into 3 categories: Anniversary, Family Time, and finally "Happenings".

Instead of writing a book of all the fun we had, I am going with a bullet-point approach. It's Friday. Brain is fried and attention span is not so fantastic.

Here are a few of my favorite things of the trip:

  • Waking up every single morning to views of the lake. Does it get better than this?!:

  • Morning runs. Most days I did a 5 mile route that goes on a road behind the lake, and then another road through corn fields. After being stuck in the desert for the past 6 years....seeing all that green was rejuvenating.
  • Lots of coffee enjoyed while looking at the lake.....
  • One morning Ryan & I headed to Glendalough State Park. If you're ever in Ottertail County - I highly recommend checking this out! There's a nice 5.5 mile paved path that loops through forests and around 3 different lakes. Forgot to take pictures - but it was gorgeous!
  • Swimming with my nieces & nephews. Last time I swam with my nephews - I could throw them around. Now? They were throwing me around and pushing me off the rafts! Next summer, they'll be doing this to Ryan, I am sure! ;)
  • Several evenings we went on boat rides where I would read and look at the lake more, while Ryan fished.
  • One of the evenings my Mom came out with us. After the sun went down - we were surrounded by probably 20 loons! It was incredibly serene and beautiful....
(it's hard to see, but the little black dots are loons)
  • Ryan, Mom, & I rented kayaks one of the days - and spent the whole afternoon tooling around the lake.

  • My brothers smoked a pig for our family reunion. WARNING: If you are a vegetarian for animal reasons...don't look below. It's a bit gory ;). I have to say it was delicious!
This vacation gave me exactly what I was hoping for! Spending time with family filled the little hole in my heart. And being on the lake recharged my mental battery. We returned home feeling restored and happy! Thank you, Mom & Dad for graciously hosting us. And thank you, Minnesota!!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love all the pictures! There is just nothing like being on the lake - seeing that calm water just soothes my soul. I am glad you saw so many people but also had a chance to relax and get some downtime with Ryan.

Marlys said...

The loons were awesome but there were at least 20 in each direction we looked so I am guessing it was closer to 60 t0 75 that we saw if we could have counted all of them! It was such a joy to spend those hours with you and Ryan before you headed back and I'm so glad you got to enjoy the peaceful serenity of the lake!