Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Recap: White Party & Mountain escapes

Ryan and I have few weekends where our schedules align...and this was one of them. Therefore, I try packing in as much possible!

I had a 3 day weekend - so mine started bright & early Friday morning at 5 am with masters swim, followed by a 24 mile bike ride! I had some technical difficulties with my bike, on a crazy-steep incline, and it was scary. But I managed to fix the chain on my own!!

*insert fist pump*

The rest of Friday was spent cleaning house, grocery shopping, and making deserts for the party we were hosting Saturday night. Ryan and I ordered in thai food and watched "God is not Dead" while I made white-chocolate truffles. It was a productive, but nice night in! And green curry always makes me happy....

Saturday I needed to sleep in past we "slept in" until 6 am! We had 10 miles to run, and I knew we had to get somewhat of an early start. We were on the trail by 7 am, and it was already 84 degrees F. *insert tears*

Unfortunately, it was so hot that I couldn't bust out another mile (or step), and had to stop at 9 miles. But I'll take it! It was really nice to have Ryan with me to motivate me to keep going.

Here we are post-run. It doesn't even come close to doing justice to just how sweaty we were!!! But you can see how delirious we were!

The rest of the day was spent prepping & getting house ready for our White Party. I co-hosted a party with 2 other girlfriends. The theme was:
  • Attire: Wear white (last weekend before Labor Day!)
  • Food theme: Pesto
  • Wine tasting (we had 4 blind tastings of white wines)
  • Beer tasting (summer beers - IPA's, hefeweizens, lagers)
  • White Desserts
Here is a picture of the "spead"! Yum!
I was pretty proud of my beautiful-looking bread I made for pesto-dipping!
It was so much fun! Also, it was so nice to split the party planning among 3. I made a roasted red pepper pesto, traditional pesto, and Ryan made Cilantro-Pesto chicken kabobs. The girls made a huge spread of antipasta trays, petit fours (white, of course), white donuts, chocolate covered rasberries, olive tapenade, the list goes was wonderful!
This is one of the "co-hosts", Heather and I! We forgot to get a picture of all 3 of us. But we were busy-busy prepping for the party before it started (and drinking champagne....)
Here is a photo of the whole crew. I adore these women - such a fun group!!
The party went until after 12 am (which is late for our crew), due to a little game of "Cards Against Humanity". It is such an inappropriate game, but so funny!!
Sunday Ryan and I woke up, saw the thermostat rapidly rising, and decided on a spontaneous drive up to Mount Lemmon! We drove from 95 degrees to 68 degrees (in 1.5 hours). It was my "rest day" in terms of training, so we just did a fun and easy 2.6 mile nature hike around some active streams and looked and butterflies. 

Very happy, relaxed faces in this photo!
Our little hike worked up an appetite. We sought out to find "The Best Picnic Spot on Mount Lemmon".
We wanted secluded, breath-taking views, and a big log on the ground for a "bench". We enjoyed our sandwiches, and left-over jalepeno hummus! It was perfect...
How was your weekend? Have you ever tried co-hosting a party? It really takes a great deal of pressure/work off. Plus, it makes budgeting easier!! :-) If you're Type A about entertaining (like me) - you have to pick the right friends to co-host with, I will say. Which I totally did. We are all extreme "list-y", type A ladies - so this worked perfect!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is such a fun theme for the party! I love all the girls in their white outfits, and the food sounds amazing. Co-hosting would definitely help as it would take some of the pressure off of you. I haven't co-hosted a party before but I have had others bring a dish to share which really helps cut down on the expense/stress.

I am glad you were able to escape to some cooler temps on Sunday. I am sure you are just beyond sick of the heat. I know the feeling of not being able to go any further - that is how I felt on my run with Phil last week as it was ridiculously humid. We ran 4.75 miles and I don't think I could have ran anymore, so I do have runs like that too. Especially when I run with Phil as I tend to push my pace when I run with him.

Marlys said...

That spread of food looked awesome! Sounds like you had a good time and a relaxing trip to Mt. Lemmon. That view was so beautiful! Which wine and beers were the winners?

Amber said...

What a fun party! When I first read it I thought "hmm, pesto and white clothes does not sound like a good combination for me" haha but I think that's a really cool theme and I'm glad you had fun hosting it and had help!