Friday, October 3, 2014

San Francisco to Napa: (And than back to San Francisco) The 4th & Final Post

I left off with our vineyard day in the Napa countryside, which left us rested and rejuvenated after a grueling 30 hour race!

Monday morning, about half of the crew had flights back to AZ out of SFO. So we packed up the van for the last time, and made our way back to SF.

Ryan and I stayed at The Prescott, which is a boutique hotel 1 block away from Union Square. It was wonderful, and we'd definitely come back. It definitely had that historical, San Francisco-charm with a hint of elegance. It had rolling staircases, and crown molding, and just details you don't get at a Marriott.

We had 1 day left in the city, so we set out on a mission! We put on our good walking shoes, dropped our bags,and set out. We walked through some of the shops on Union Square, like the 3-story Louis Vuitton store housing $300 belts. Or the 8-story Macy's. It is amazing how these places stay open?!

Then we walked through China-town,North Beach, and to Fisherman's Wharf to get our prized lunch we had been waiting for all week: Crab Roll and clam chowder in a bread bowl. This was the most mouth-watering part of the Wharf (for me, anyways).

It's an area where the street is just lined with these food stands serving up crab legs, crab sandwiches served on a fresh roll, and chowder. It may be touristy, but when it Rome, right? The energy here just makes me happy.

Ryan and I ordered a bread bowl of chowder and a sandwich and shared the 2 for lunch. The stand we chose was called "Fisherman's Grotto" (which is a satellite stand of a nice seafood restaurant on the wharf). We washed our feast down with an Anchor Steam lager. All for less than $20! We enjoyed these on picnic tables overlooking the was perfect.

There is also a place called Boudin Bakery that is a staple of SF. There is a window where you can watch the workers make these impressive molds of bread. And the vents pump out the fresh smell of fresh-baked sour dough bread. My heart aches for anyone who has Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance :(. 

We walked over to the SS Jeremiah O'Brien, which was on Ryan's list of things to see. I'm so glad we took the time to tour it! It is a Liberty Ship from WWII, and it is one of the survivors that stormed Normandy on D-Day. Being that my dad served in the Navy, and my Grandpa served in the Merchant Marines in WWII, this was super interesting for me to see what a ship really looks like (I've never been on one). From the rooming quarters, to the chow hall, and the engine room -- I was in awe!

I have to say I have some serious respect for the men that operated that engine room!! I cannot fathom being in that loud, oily, dark, steamy room day in and day out.

This is photo of the submarine that was next to the SS Jeremiah O'Brien, which we did not tour.
The captain's room. I cannot imagine being responsible for steering a boat of such mass.

Here I am on deck - which Alcatraz island in the background!

I took a picture of this, because it made me laugh. I think this needs to be a sign in our house. (Anyone else married to an engineer could probably relate to this one....)

We had reservations for a sunset cruise that night with the Red and White Fleet. I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting SF, as well! Especially the sunset cruise. It launches from Pier 39 1/2 and takes you around Angel Island, Alcatraz, Sausalito, under the bridge, and as you cross back the sun is down, and you return to the Pier to the stunning city lights of San Francisco! The boat has appetizers, a bar, and a live musician (who seriously exceeded our expectations). All for $60/pp. Which is extremely reasonable! We got some of our favorite photos on this cruise! (And best hand-holding and snuggling as the cool coastal breeze graced our faces)

This was a zoomed-in crappy I-Phone photo of Alcatraz.
This appears to be some type of old living quarters on one of the islands.

The boats of Sausalito island.

After our cruise, we had a 1.5 mile walk back to our hotel at Union Square. We made one last pit stop in North Beach at a little Gelato shop. We sat at a street-side table, enjoyed the sweet decadent taste of gelato, and basked in one heck of a trip!!

Thank you, San Francisco! We will be back some day......


Marlys said...

Wow, that was purely awesome! I laughed at the little sign you took a picture of and can see why Ryan liked that! I have been on a couple of Navy ships and cannot fathom sleeping in those 3 decker bunks or hammocks! I don't think I would have done well in the Navy! Your Dad spent four years down in the engine room and didn't see the light of day for days on end when they were cruising! He didn't complain but it wouldn't help to do that anyway. San Francisco sounds and looks delightful! I'm glad you went on that cruise - looked beautiful!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That cruise sounds awesome - great way to see the city from a different vantage point! We were in a lot of the same places so it's cool to hear what you saw and did. We also had gelato in North Beach on our last night! I am glad you guys had such a great trip!!

Amber said...

That cruise looks and sounds amazing. I did a boat cruise when I visited Toronto for the first time and it was so fun and an awesome way to see the city skyline!