Friday, November 28, 2014

Four Things

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, American friends! I pray that most of you are spending a weekend among family. Mine is not so much that way. It's spent working kind of long days - but I'm not asking for a pity party. I entered a field that never shuts down. So my mantra this weekend is, "Suck it up buttercup". Although, it pained me to drive into work this morning when I really wanted to be shopping at the Express jeans sale.....and putting up my Christmas tree.

I will have Cyber Monday, however.

Oh, America and our shopping. Talk about a 1st world problem. Did I just try and complain that I couldn't spend a stupid amount of cash on clothes on the day I wanted to?...

Er.... Let's move on.

I found this little meme, and thought it was fun. You are welcome to join. Or maybe answer a few questions. Here it goes!

Four names that people call me other than my real name: 1. A variety of names around "Abs". Some family calls me "Abster". My brother Kevin calls me "Aborigine". One of the docs I work with calls me "6-Pack-Abs".  2. Nasty - that came when I married. My last name is Nastase. Which kind of looks like "nasty"  3. "Lil Ninja". My group of girlfriends refer to me as the ninja. I kind of have ninja like kicks and run like a gazelle.... 4. Ryan mostly refers to me as "Babe". Unless I've done something wrong like started a fire on the BBQ or taken the keys to both vehicles to work.   Four jobs I’ve had: 1. Traveling ER Nurse 2.  Waitress 3.  Hotel house-keeper (that lasted a whole week) 4. Bank Teller (That was my favorite job.....)   Four movies I’ve watched more than once: 1.  When Harry Met Sally - that movie never gets old. 2.  Four Christmases. Ryan and I watch that yearly. 3.  Cool Hand Luke. Classic and fantastic. 4.  Mr.  Holland's Opus. Probably my favorite movie ever. Four books I’d recommend: 1.  Still Alice 2.  Gone Girl 3.  Orphan Train 4.  The Sunflower  Four places I’ve lived: 1. Tucson, AZ2. San Antonio, TX 3. Maple Grove, MN (for 1 summer) 4. Wyndmere, ND  Four places I’ve visited: 1. Cancun, MX 2. Vail, CO 3. San Francisco, CA 4. Washington DC(I need to get out of the US more....) Four things I prefer not to eat: 1. Bacon  (I have texture issues) 2. Donuts (I don't like the taste...but love the smell. Espeically when I run past the bakery in the mornings)3. Hot Dogs (they are just wrong) 4. Twinkie. Never had one. Never will.  Four of my favorite foods: 1.  Sushi (especially Spicy Tuna) 2.  My Mom's apple crisp 3.  Neapolitan Pizza (Margherita) 4. Beets  Four TV shows I watch 1.  New Girl  2.  Mindy Project 3.  Fargo (I pray there will be a 2nd season....) 4.  SNL Four things I’m looking forward to this year: 1.  Christmas with my family  2.  Our backpacking trip in Kawaii 3.  Ragnar AZ in Februrary 4.  Ryan being officially done with all his pilot training and back to "normal life" (kind of) Four things I’m always saying: 1. "Unbelievable" (I find myself saying this a lot awe and in sarcasm) 2.  "I'm all in!" (I seem to sign up for crazy things a lot....)  3.  "It's mind over matter" (that seems to be my advice for everything) 4.   I love you (I tell this to the people I love and frequently!)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

This is a fun post idea - I will have to do it later this month! You left off Rufus from your nickname! ;) I don't watch any of the shows you do but I know New Girl is on Netflix so I will have to check that out when I am at Phil's sometime!

Marlys said...

That was fun! Do you remember that one teacher you had in a primary grade who called you "Crabby Abby"? I didn't like that as I really don't remember you being crabby! You have probably blocked it out which is what I would do, too.
Anyway, that was fun to read!