Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Recent Triumphs and Trials

I've had some really awesome moments, and some "trying" moments in these past weeks! Here they are.


  • Sitting on a 3 hour conference call today for training on a new computer system I'll be using at work. Example of why I was annoyed: The woman explained (in depth) how to "copy and paste". I'm a millennial. Which means I basically means I had a computer on my height chair, right? I don't do well sitting and listening in the 1st place, so listening to redundancy about simple computer tasks makes me a little crazy.
  • My puppy loves chewing things. Including my ankles and shoes. And it hurts. He's testing my patience. It's a good thing he's cute.
  • I'm working every weekend until February 20. It plain sucks. Goodbye, social life for a few weeks.
  • My speed workouts lately have my run down to a sub 8 minute pace (when I'm not running crazy hills). It's pretty gratifying to see that pace on my Garmin.
  • Our weather has been insanely gorgeous lately. I love this time of year, and it's lack of 90 degree temperatures!
  • We booked our Hawaii trip! And actually got a pretty good deal!
  • Our puppy is about 99% "potty trained". If you've had a puppy in your household, you would understand why this is so amazing!! No more "puddles".
  • I'm on track with my "weekly goals" for the New Year! I didn't even think I'd make it to week 4, but I have so far!

What are your most recent triumphs and trials?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh boy, I would have lost my mind during that conference call... yikes! That is great that Miles is mostly potty trained - now hopefully he'll quit biting stuff!

My current trials are sleep, staying positive about things at work, and sitting down or going down stairs because my legs are so sore from a leg workout on Monday. My triumphs are not punching my coworker when he asks me dumb/annoying questions (kidding, but not really, that is a triumph), finishing up an article that I've been working on for awhile, and scoring a good deal on movie tickets!

Amber said...

Oh man, I hate to be the one to tell you this but my mom's labrador retriever chewed until he was like 3! I think it's a retriever thing. We only had three bad incidents of Chloe chewing. Once was my slipper, once was Eric's book and the worst incident of all was my garmin 305!!! That was really crappy!

Yay for getting the potty training done though. I do not miss that stage even though sometimes I miss having a cute cuddly puppy :)

My trials right now is that I've said 'yes' to a few too many extra freelance projects over the last couple of days. But I just can't say no to extra work because it equals extra money!! I just need to be organized and disciplined with my time!

Marlys said...

Oh, my! Listening to someone tell you how to copy & paste would make me want to paste that person in fht face if she was in person! Not really, but understand your frustration!
Bravo on your speed workouts! Now key in on building that strength to carry that 30# backpack in Hawaii! I just have a hard time fathoming carrying that much weight for 11 miles on an uphill terrain! I suppose you can stop and take breaks, right? Hopefully!
Bravo on the puppy training - goes much faster that a human baby potty training! LOL
My recent triumph is that your Dad & I almost have the crawl space cleaned out! One more eveing and we should have it done! Purge, purge purge! Feels so good!