Saturday, February 7, 2015

A desert winter storm

Last week as massive snow storm swept the east coast, we got our own little "winter storm" in Arizona. Of course, our winter "storm" is a little different. I'd hardly call it a storm. But I will say that the mountains got a descent dusting of snow! We had 2 day straight of rain.

I loved every second of it. Except for the point that I came home from work Friday night after a long day. It was rainy. We both got home late, and had to work the whole weekend. So decided it was going to be a wine, cheese, and hummus kind of evening.  But we walked into the home to find a large puddle on floor, and a bulging ceiling in our kitchen.

Yes, the roof was leaking. So our "relaxing" Friday night, turning into an evening of getting up on the roof in the rain and dark, putting down a tarp to help plug the leak. (Well, that was mostly Ryan's doing. I supported from below. And scrubbed the floors, as he cut out chunks of ceiling) #happyfriday......

That was the only moment I didn't enjoy of the rainy days! 

The rain stopped at about 2am Sunday morning. We were supposed to get a hike in for our Kalalua Trail training, but that wasn't going to happen. All the trails were flooded and not safe for hiking.

So we headed to our favorite park, and took to the paved trails for a Sunday morning 5 mile run!

It was the foggiest morning I've seen since we've moved to AZ. (we don't usually get fog here) And the forest ranger at the park said this was the most rain they've seen since 2006!!

Here are a few pictures from our run! It tops one of my favorite runs ever, since it was so different!

We got about 1.5 miles into the road and came to a bit of a "road block". This is not the kind of flowing water that you can just "trudge through"
(We turned around, and took a different path so we could see that waterfall from a different angle.) Here you can see just how powerful the water was! This is all from rain! Pretty amazing...
Below is the view from the road. When I would close my eyes, it sounded like the roar of the ocean. I felt as though we were in San Francisco with that and the fog!

I suggested doing a mini triathlon, and showed off my diving pose ;)

Ryan and I have don't get a lot of time together right now. He worked a stretch 12 days in a row, had this 1 day off, and now is on a stretch of 21 days. (He handles this much better than I would. I'd be having a major melt-down. I'm kind of a princess...) We really are trying to make the best of our time that we do get together! There is no better way to do that, than outside enjoying nature!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, I wouldn't handle that many day of work in a row well at all... It that an anomaly or how his schedule will be going forward? That sounds intense! I am glad you had a day off together and were able to do some things you enjoy! I'm glad you got some rain but the roof problem doesn't sound good. :( What a hassle!

Marlys said...

Such different pictures than the usual arid dessert ones! WOW! I can understand why you love rainy days living in AZ. I actually love a blizzard day once in awhile if I'm safe somewhere! We haven't had any this year, but the year is not over!
I hope you get your roof and ceiling repaired and that it never happens again! Water is great as long as it is in the right place, otherwise it is a serious problem!
Enjoy your moments together and I hope his schedule is not crazy like this for too long!