Thursday, March 5, 2015

Birthday Weekend Recap

Friday was my Golden birthday!

Funny story about that.....

Confession time: I lie about my age. Almost daily. I tell people I'm older than my actual age, so I am taken more seriously. Especially at work. Because in my experiences, when I tell them how old I actually am, they automatically judge me as some irresponsible, 20-something who still gets her bills paid by Mom and Dad.

And it infuriates me so very much! Because I am a 20-something who is paying off a mortgage, enjoys gardening, reads "Southern Living" magazine, and talks frequently about "retirement savings" with her spouse.

Because I lie so frequently about my age, I got confused about how old I was turning this year. So I swore I was turning 28.

Come to find out, it was 27! This was discovered 2 days before my birthday, when my husband had to politely ask me to "do the math, babe."

It was an amazing weekend packed with all the things I love!

Friday was the actually birthday. I woke up bright and early, and drove to Sabino Canyon with my girlfriend, Amanda. We did a 10 mile trail run with the sunrise. Weather was perfect and it was an awesome way to celebrate a new year!


We were too sweaty and hypoxic to remember to take a picture at the end. But I did snap this photo of the sun trying to peak through the canyon. Pictures just don't do justice!
After my run, I got home and ate my favorite breakfast: honey bunches of oats with fresh blackberries. Simple, but it makes me happy.
I then sat on our patio with Ryan (he took the whole day off for me!), sipped coffee, and perused through all the magazines I've been too busy to catch up on lately! Magazines of choice: Travel & Leisure, Southern Living, and Backpacker :)
It was such a gorgeous, warm, sunny morning! Sun on my face felt heavenly....
Did I mention that this is the 1st birthday Ryan has been in the same state as me for 3 years? Yeah, it was pretty awesome.
Ryan took me downtown for a celebratory beer at my favorite pub: Frog 'N' Firkin. We enjoyed stuffed mushrooms and a crisp IPA. (I had to be down there to sign my contract for my new job...) Then we went home, and made home-made margherita pizza and enjoyed some good red wine.
The evening ended in the hot tub under the stars.
Saturday we started the morning early with Starbucks, packing our backpacks, and going for a hike!

That evening I had my co-birthday-celebration with my dear friend Heather. We went to an amazing restaurant called "Reforma Cantina". Highly recommend it if you're ever in Tucson! We had a big group of 22 people - and I left the part with a full and happy heart! I absolutely love my "crew".

(Not the best picture, but it still captures the fun!)
Sunday morning, Miles had us awake at 5:30 am. So he "helped" us get an early start on yard work.
We went to church. Relaxed a little. And then headed out for a bike ride with 3 other friends! We did Saguaro East National Park, which has a 10 mile loop around the mountain, which we did twice. It is the hilliest ride I know in Tucson - so it's super challenging, but beautiful!
It was an awesome weekend, and reminded me of how very blessed I am! 6 years ago, when I celebrated my 1st birthday in AZ.....I had no friends to celebrate my birthday with. So it's pretty cool to see how much life has changed over the years! Life is good! I'm ready for "Year 27" - (even though I thought I already lived it ;) Ha!)



Marlys said...

There have been several times in my life that I had to do the math to figure out my age! But so glad you got to enjoy your Golden Birthday! You were born in leap year so I was so happy your birth date wasn't Feb 29th! It looks like you had the perfect birthday weekend and extra special that Ryan took the day off to celebrate with you!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is too bad that you get asked about your age often at work and feel like you have to lie about it. :( I suppose you have rude patients who ask you your age? I would hope your coworkers/management team aren't asking your age because it's irrelevant. I know the feeling of being young for your role, though, as I am young and I am a major minority being female. It's tough!

I am glad that you had such an awesome birthday weekend and got to spend the entire day with Ryan. Your big birthday dinner sounds awesome, too! It's great that you've made so many great friends through the years!!

Amber said...

So I totally lie about my age too! I turned 26 in September but I was probably telling people I was 26 since at least last May or June - HA! I can already tell I'm going to start dropping 'I'm 27' a lot this coming summer too. It's just so annoying when people can't believe how 'young' you are when you are married, own a home etc. My coworker (whom I really do love) always says I'm 'just a baby' and I've been married longer than her, owned a home longer than her and traveled more than her - it infuriates me!

Anyways, enough of that long rambling comment -- obviously I relate :)

I'm so glad you had a wonderful 27th birthday weekend! How fun it was your golden birthday! I still remember my golden birthday (when I turned 9!) Glad you had lots of wonderful friends to celebrate with, so special to be able to reflect on how far you've come and how much has changed in the past 6 years!!