Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Little Letters

I really need to do a "re-cap" post on my birthday weekend, but that will come later. Instead, I am stealing my sister's post idea from today - called "little letters".

Dear Miles (our 15 week old puppy), I take one rest day a week, where I sleep until 6 am. Could you please get it right, and sleep in as well? It sure would be lovely to have one day of the week where I sleep past 5. :) Sincerely, Tired Pet-Owner

Dear March 11, Please get here soon. I have 7 work days left, and it is so tough to be present when not just my foot, but my entire leg is "out the door". Your truly, Tendered Resignation

Dear March Weather, In opposition to the rest of the county, I would like you to linger. Soon it will be 90 degrees on my 5 am runs and 100 degrees when I get home from work in the evening. I'm savoring these pleasant 70 degree days. Sincerely, Runner Who Doesn't Like Rhabdo

Dear Cubical-mate, Please go see your ENT doctor and get those hearing-aids that he's going to prescribe you. Your yelling into the phone, and then stating, "I feel like I have to talk loud because I can't hear the other person" is difficulty to work around. Sincerely, Thank God My Last Day is March 11.

Dear Legs, Thank you for staying strong and injury free through all the craziness I've been putting you through lately between Ragnar, getting back into trail running, backpacking training, and biking. I am so thankful for you. Hence why I give you rest days. Sincerely, Runner Girl

What are your current letters?


Marlys said...

Have your tried giving Miles Benadryl? Just a thought, as I know how great it is to sleep in once in awhile! And 6:00 is not sleeping in for me!
Anxious to hear all about your new job and what it all entails, so will be looking forward to that!

Amber said...

Oh no I hope Miles starts sleeping later soon. I don't ever remember Chloe waking us up early (other than when she was potty training and had to pee - the first month or two we got up at least once or twice a night to let her out) but now she sleeps as late as we do and sometimes I even have to nudge her out of bed! I could just be blocking out the early morning wake ups though ;)

My letter would be:

Dear April 2 (the day we leave for Maui!), please get here already!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The time between when you resign and when you are done always seems to crawl by. Plus I know you gave an extra long notice. I hope that March 11 comes VERY quickly so you can start this new chapter of your career!

My letter would be: Dear subzero temps - please go away. It's way too cold for March.