Sunday, April 5, 2015

Currently April edition

Here are my current currently's!

Reading: I am currently reading "The Kitchen House", which I am having a very difficult time really enjoying. It's a good book, but it seems to be moving slow. Or I'm just moving slow. One of the two...
Thinking: About how amazing my coffee tastes on my 1st free morning in several weeks, where I don't have a workout or work to rush to. These quiet morning are so therapeutic!

Frustrated: With the cactus hair-like-thorn lodged in the bottom of my foot from yesterday. And no, it wasn't from my race! It was from cleaning the pool, while walking around our back yard barefoot yesterday afternoon.

(Here's your Cactus Thorn 101 for the non-desert dwellers: There are some large thorns that can easily be pulled out. Then there are this little hairs of thorn that hurt 10x worse. Usually a tweezers can't grab them. So if duct tape doesn't pull them out, the cactus thorn removal is self-limiting. You have to be patient and them them "work their way out".)

Feeling: Very happy. I really can find nothing in life to validly complain about. I love my job, I'm surrounded by amazing people, my marriage is in such a happy place, and the sun comes up a little earlier every morning! Hurray!

Anticipating: Our Scuba Certification dive that will be in a few weeks. And hopefully squeezing in a backpacking trip in May!

Eating: Today I will be eat a very non-traditional Easter meal. (we are just having another couple over for a pool day). Ryan is making carne asada on the grill. I'm making a jicama salad, guacamole, and lemonade pie. Oh, and deviled eggs - because they are Ryan's all time favorite snack.

Sad: That I'm not spending Easter with my family. I miss family so much!

Working: At a new job, and am so happy! It feels really different to me, because my position is completely new. So I am "building" my position. There are also times where I feel like I'm going back to school, because there is so much to learn working in such a sub-specialty area of medicine!! Loving feeling so challenged!

Grateful: For those rare days that Ryan and I get off together - and today is one of them! Fitting in his 4-5 flights/month, in addition to his work and travel schedule can be challenging. But we have really learned to appreciate every bit of time we get together. Which is always good in a relationship -- for I think we take for granted the availability of one's spouse/s.o. sometimes.

Listening: Serial. My sister has been recommending it to me for the longest time. Now that I have a commute to work, I've tuned it. This is addicting!!

Wishing: You all a Happy Easter, Passover, and a beautiful month of April! (And I pray my friends and family up North get some spring weather!

What are your currently's?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, that is crazy how much Ryan has to fly on top of working as many hours as he does/traveling... I don't know how he does it!

I actually heard that Kitchen House wasn't a great book so don't feel bad if you aren't getting into it! I vote for giving up because life is too short to read books that aren't great!

Enjoy your time with your friends today. The meal sounds awesome! Wish you guys were here but you would not be impressed with our weather as it's currently 28... I am soooo over this cold weather!!

Marlys said...

Thanks for wishing us warmer weather as this morning I heard that it may be in the 70's next week! I am ready!
Loved your post and your Easter meal sounds great! We had lemon sour cream pie and that was refreshing, too! I love me some lemon!
Your life sounds full and happy and that makes me happy!
Hope Ryan gets a break soon! UGH!

Amber said...

Aww I love your "feeling" post - I'm the exact same way. So happy and content with life and it doesn't hurt that my favourite seasons - spring and summer - are starting up!

Hope you guys had a great day off together! I admit with both of us being on Mon - Fri schedules we do take for granted a bit the time we have together BUT we are also both pretty busy with our own things (gym, hobby, friends) so I do really appreciate it when we squeeze in a walk with the dog together or go for a hike on the weekend.